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Morris P. Fiorina "The Rise of the Washington Establishment"

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BevMegLuk NguyChiuZk

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Morris P. Fiorina "The Rise of the Washington Establishment"

Morris P. Fiorina "The Rise of the Washington Establishment" by
Beverly Nguyen, Megan Chiu, Lukas Zekarias

How do these activities relate to the Framer's intent of the operation of Congress?
The Framers intent for Congress was to be a lawmaking body and represent their home district accurately.

For lawmaking the Framers wanted congress to represent their own districts not lobbyist when making on a new bill.

The Framers wanted congressmen to represent their constituents accurately that's why the use porkbareling and casework, to help their constituents through federal projects and intervene in the process of federal agencies, respectively.
What are Fiorina's conclusions regarding Congress, the bureaucracy, and individual congressmen?
Congressmen often, as the individual congressman, hold themselves high in power and only wish for re-election so they reign in power for a long time.
List and explain the three types of activities that congressman are engaged in. Why do they engage in these?
Lawmaking, pork barrelng, and casework!
Lawmaking- To provide justification for what a law is and why it needs to be enforced.
Pork barreling- Federal projects, (Ex: dams, federal buildings, sewage treatment plants, etc.)
Casework- Gives congressmen the power to initiate and expedite decisions. Ability to also work on projects with the feds.
Why? B/c All these will help decisions go easier and when announced, there will be less controversy towards the decision. And also it will bring attention to one subject/project so people won't get sidetracked.
What are the major assumptions that Fiorina makes about those in the Washington political "establishment"?
1) People act in their own self-interest. Simply means that greed and power are only in the minds of the people when in office.
2) The primary goal for congressmen are to be reelected. This means that the power they obtain is not enough for one term, and would like to continue to have that tangible power again.
3) We, as voters who support the Washington receive benefits from the government we elect. All will obtain the best of both worlds: the government will gain more insight on the people, and us as citizens to more freedom and rights.
Specific activities that our congressman has engaged in lately that supports the activities mentioned by Fiorina~
Our congressman is Ted Cruz, and he has done many things. One of which is The Madison Project which deals with The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).
It is used to conserve and reserve energy while defending the Constitution. Usually conservatives are in that particular group. It is also one of the few groups few groups committed to restoring our Republic through wholesale change of the Washington political scene.
The more government tries tp help the people , the larger the bureaucracy becomes this called Ceteris Paribus. The bureaucracy may have good intentions, but they make mistakes and when they try to fix the mistakes they are unable to because inflexibility,
Congress is a creator of big government,
which helps the bureaucrats. Congress is vital to the Washington establishment: bureaucrats declare policies they want and fund more campaigns so that Washington is able to prosper.
Thanks for listening!
Hard workers exhibit A
Hard workers exhibit B
That's our boy!
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