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All Good Children

No description

Paige Wilmon

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of All Good Children

All Good Children
Catherine Austen

The Connors Family
Flee to Canada
Paige Wilmon
Due; Thursday June 13th

Theme Statement
In the novel All Good Children, by Catherine Austen, the main theme is that people need to be wary of the society they are a part of; often decisions are left up to what society is saying, which causes a person to lose their individuality.
New Education Support Treatment
Max Connors
15 years of age
football player
He is the protagonist
May appears to be weak
But actually he is extremely strong
Controlling the thoughts
of children
“So who do you think
would win in a fight, Max?
Us or the rest of the world?”
Canadian Content
High Point
Low Point
Max uses Football as a way to
release his savagery
Max’s mother gave him
the chance to alter his fate.
Lord of the Flies
“‘Hey, Melissa!’ I shout. ‘Want to play with Ally?’ Melissa looks at Ally like she never met her before. Her father checks his watch. ‘I don’t know,’ he says. ‘That’s okay!’ Ally shouts. ‘We don’t have time to play either.’ She turns her back on her friend as they leave the park. ‘Why did you say that?’ I ask. ‘That’s not like you, Ally. You hurt her feelings.’ She shakes her head. ‘She has no feelings anymore.’ […] ‘There’s something wrong with them. They’re fuzzy and slow. They just go along” (37).
Pg.262 “Living with hope is like
rubbing up against a cheese
grater. It keeps taking slices
off you until there's so little
left you just crumble.”
"I spray-paint the exterior walls with one word repeated in capitals, wrapped around the corners without any breaks: WITHSTANDWITHSTANDWITHSTANDWITHSTAND" (194).
Saint Lawrence River
Rebelling Against Society
“I can do it, Max. I still have my thoughts. I just can't say them out loud. I still have my friends. I just can't show them. I still have all the things that used to matter. They're inside of me. They can't take that away” (224)
“‘There’s a big push up here
to get people out. There are
support groups in almost
every city.’” (298)
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