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No description

Priya Gopani

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Trash

By AnDy Mulligan This Presentation is created by Priya Gopani SUMMARY Raphael and Gardo are best friends and live in the dumpsite
Raphael finds a bag in the dumpsite that contains a key, a wallet with money, ID and other valuables
The police show up looking for the bag that Raphael found saying that it can help solve a major crime
Raphael and Gardo decided not to give the bag to the police but instead to hide it with a boy they call Rat
The three boys visit the locker that key they found opens and take what is in the locker and find that there are items of value to solve the case
Police are not leaving the dumpsite until the bag is found
The police are after the boys and it no longer safe any where for the boys
They learn about the man who's things found and find that he is dead
The boys have to leave their home and work on solving their mission
The boys believe that the senator is stealing money from the poor but can't prove it
The boys learn that there is stolen money somewhere and they have to find it before anyone else
They must put their clues together and prove that the real thief is guilty by solving the mystery ... small Author's Bibliography Andy Mulligan were you born in London? Book Theme Pictures My Recommendention Reporter- Andy- Yes I was, I was born in South London. I was a theatre director there. Reporter- I had heard that you were a teacher for sometime.

Andy- I was a theatre director for ten years then I moved and was a teacher teaching English and Drama in India, Brazil, Vietnam, UK, and Philippines.

Reporter- Didn't you write a book that has a Guardian Childeren's Fiction Prize.

Andy- Yes, in 2009 I wrote my first book Ribblestrop which won the Guardian Childeren's Fiction Prize. It was also a runner up for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.

Reporter- Since you have traveled alot in the past from India, Brazil Vietnam, and so forth. Where are you currently living?

Andy- I'am currently living in Manila where I'am currently working on my next book.

Reporter- Where you wrote Trash in 2010. I am sorry to say our interview is over, but would like to thank you for your time. Be sure check out Andy Muligan on his website Here is a short interview with the author of _____ Andy Mulligan. Trash, http://andymulliganbooks.com/ Money isn't everything. Family and friends are important. Do what is right. Happiness can be found in the littlest things. My Favorite Paragraph Anyone can be capable of anything if you are inspired One of my favorite paragraphs in this book was:

I kept on thinking of bieng in that picture taken, and I was thinkin all the time, what if, what if,what if?- till I couldn't sleep.
What if they stake out at the tea house?
What if they get me?
What if they shoot me?
What if they have the whole place surrounded?
What if they're all there in plainclothes, waiting for me, and I don't see them till it's way too late? The reason I liked this paragraph is because this event happened in a important part of the book and I got even more curious as to what was going to happen next. Gardo, one of the main characters in the book is having thoughts of what could happen. These thoughts were all suspenseful to me. For example, "what if they shoot me". I also liked this paragraph because I remember wanting to stop at that page that the paragraph was on. Once I read that first line "I kept on thinking of being in that picture taken............." I just had to keep on reading on and on which soon lead me to the next chapter. It was also because of the questions what if, what if, what if? Followed by things that could happen to the character in a question form. Which made me ask one question. What is going to happen next? And it increased my imagination of the the book. I liked this paragraph because it made me want to read on, and made me keep on guessing. This is why this is my favorite paragraph of the book. Andy Mulligan I thought this book was exciting and suspenseful. I think kids who are ages 14-15 would enjoy this book because that way they would be able to compare, contrast, and relate their lives to the main characters in the book, the dumpsite boys who are 14 - 15 years old. I would also recommend this book to people who like irony in a book because this book had a lot twists and I could not guess what was going to happen in a lot of the parts in the chapters. In this book one of the writing styles of the author was to make it seem that Raphael, Gardo, and Rat, the main characters and were writing there journey as if it was their own journal. This type of writing style made it easy to understand who was speaking because it made it seem that each chapter were written by one of the characters. For example the chapter would start with, "this is Raphael". And then the chapter would be written in his words and him explaining what is going on. It would make the book seem really realistic. When I read this book I felt that at times the book was exciting and then other times it was calm for example when other people are talking about their side of the story which were mini stories of how they knew the main characters the book was not very exciting and was kind of boring. But soon those mini stories would be put together and everything would make sense, and the book would get quite interesting. One thing I absolutely loved about this book was how all details in each chapter were fitting like puzzle pieces at the end the book. And how they were tied in so well. If I were giving this book a rating from one to five stars I would give it a four out of five because of these reasons. Overall I thought this book was fantastic and would highly recommend it.
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