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No description

Sammy Buccio

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Launch

Anna Kolodzej
Sammy Buccio Launch Products Purpose New Laws, Regulations and Market Changes
New Revision Date
New Kit Designs
New Products
New Prospectus Books Logistics Processed Through the Superfulfillment Site
Kit Builds
Mail List
Static Parts Printed at CMI
Low Quantity Printed at Veritas
Forms Books Printed at Veritas
CDs Replicated at Veritas/Noble
Total: 30,000 - 70,000 Flow Chart Pre-Launch Critical Task List Created
Launch Set-up
Launch Build is Set-up on Site
Launch Kits Set-up
Mail List is Uploaded
Forms Books are Set-up
Determine EOEs and Pulls Processing Confirm Launch Details
Validate Mail List
Lock Launch
CASS Launch
TNT Launch
Generate Launch Reports
Generate Forms Books and CDS Shipping Ship Internal Wholesaler Orders
Ship Producer Orders
Hold Pulls Until Approved
Shipping Reports
TNT Assembly Assemble Kits by State
Starting with the Largest States
Version Control
Kit Builds
Box Orders by State
Tie Out Production Forms Books Process
Replicate Launch CDs
Static vs Dynamic
Print Cover Letters and PODs
Print Pick Tickets Pre-Orders Users Place Pre-Orders
Ship Pre-orders to Arrive on Launch Day State, Product and Some Firm Specific
Kit Products
Elite Access
Variable Annuities
Perspective II
Perspective L
Retirement Latitudes
Firm Specific Products
Morgan Stanley (MSSB)
Merrill Lynch
Linsco Private Ledger (LPL) Launch Day Kits Arrive to Wholesalers
Products Go Live on Fulfillment Site
Post Launch Begins
1,200-1,500 orders/day
2-3 week period
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