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Beyond Facebook: Social Media and Extension

No description

Amy Grace Wells

on 10 July 2013

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Transcript of Beyond Facebook: Social Media and Extension

Social Media and Extension
Beyond Facebook
The Rise of Twitter
Twitter was the fastest growing social media network in 2012, adding 40% more active users.

26% are 25-34; 20% are 35-44
17% are 45-54; 11% are 55-64

It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet.Today it only takes one week for users to send a billion tweets.

Fun Fact: 10 tweets per second mention Starbucks.
Pretty Pictures: Pinterest
The newest internet sweetheart is a digital bulletin board or visual bookmarking tool.

Your audience loves Pinterest because:

1. Contains an endless supply of inspiration – and ways to bring that inspiration to fruition.
2. Does not feel like a judgmental community.
3. Is divided into easy categories.
4. Is easy to organize pins and repins into categorized boards.
Social Curation:
Tumblr & Scoop.it
Tumblr is sort of a mix of blogging and Twitter. Users between the age of 18 and 34 make up 52% percent of the site’s demographic. A great platform for reaching a younger audience

Scoop.it, which has both free and premium versions, styles itself as a series of online magazines centered on niche topics. Add articles, blog posts, Twitter lists, videos and so on.
Promoting Social Fun
Make sure your website has links to all your social accounts.

Include them at the beginning and end of presentations.

Promote within main accounts. For example, tell your Facebook audience you have a new Pinterest account.

Add to email footers, Facebook About sections, etc.
Amy Grace Wells
Texas A&M AgriLife Communications

Step Away from the Facebook
Every minute 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram.

Every second, 11 new Twitter accounts are created.

More than 20% of Facebook users are on Pinterest daily.

We interact with our mobile phones 40 to 80 times a day on average.

The Internet is a Tween: Trial and Error
Be realistic. Don't expect any one experiment to produce amazing results.

The Internet is changing every day. Stay up-to-date with trends and behavior by following blogs and experts on Twitter and Facebook.

Some of the best engagement examples are in consumer products and TV (Chobani, Subaru, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars)

Questions? Amy Grace Wells at amy.wells@tamu.edu

for more resources.
Tweet for Success
Use LOTS of hashtags. Examples: #healthyliving, #bcsTX

Hashtag main keywords in your tweets.

DO NOT set up automatic tweets from Facebook posts.

Twitter users expect authenticity. Be informative but in a casual tone.

Find other sources of good content and occasionally retweet pieces your audience would find interesting.
Case Study: Chobani
Understands their audience and the things they are interested in.

Provides a blend of their own content and others, which makes their account about their fans, not them.
Try a Tweet Up
A tweet-up is a scheduled open discussion on Twitter based on a specific hashtag.

Texas 4-H has experimented with tweet-ups and other live tweeting events such as #leadershiplive4H

Best advice:
• Promote well ahead of time.
• Be prepared to start and lead the conversation.
• Feed the conversation by getting local volunteers or other staff involved ahead of time.
• Be patient. It may take a few times to catch on.
Tumblr: The Image Blog
Example: tennessee4h.tumblr.com/

Provides a space to share information in quick bites, but more than Twitter.

Best examples, like Pinterest, not only share their own events and information but also items that would be of interest to their audience.

With Tumblr, users are seeking information they are interested in and reblogging it if they find it valuable, interesting or inspiring.

Best advice: ALWAYS be authentic and help build community by sharing items of interest.
Both platforms provide a great way to quickly create share-able content.
A blend of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest, Scoop.it lets you curate content on a particular subject from multiple sources on the web. It is also easy to share. Great for events!
Success on Pinterest
Pinterest is now the third more popular social network behind Facebook and Twitter.

Remember the 80/20 rule: Pin more from others to create community.

Add fun boards that your audience will love, but may not be directly related to your topic.

Make sure your blog posts and informative website content has great, medium-large photos or it won't be "pin-able."
Instagram & Vine:
Enhance with media
Every second one new user joins Instagram. The user base grew 1,600% between April 2011 and April 2012.

300 million photos are added daily to Facebook via Instagram.

59% of brands have a presence on Instagram.

Another platform that skews to a younger audience with users more likely to live in urban areas. Higher use among minorities.

One of the few platforms that is good to automatically link to other main accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.
Best tips for Instagram & Vine
Think Instagram instead of regular cellphone camera. Take photos and videos of programs or outings.

For videos, think short how-to. Vine limits to 6 seconds; Instagram 15 seconds.

By setting up automatic posts, it actually will save you time by posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Use hashtags and promote them to participants, volunteers and other staff.

Check out Chobani and Lowes for examples on Vine; Lululemon and Starbucks on Instagram; General Electric on both.
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