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Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

No description

Nicklas Tecson

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel
The song is about the main speaker finding themselves, and being afraid of hurting whats important to them; the person who he/she admires. As a result, the main speaker in the song is trying to keep the other person away from them and the truth.
The emotional tone of the song is depression, fear and anxiety, which emanates from the emotions of the main character attempting to find themselves but at the same time trying to push someone dear to them away.
The person in the song is talking to him/herself and to a person who seems to be an important to the main speaker in the song. The main speaker is like in a relationship with the other person and is explaining how he/she is afraid of hurting them.
The title unravel gives us hints that the song is about finding something, it could a person finding who they are and the song is about asking themselves questions and thinking deep about their past, or it could be a person looking for another person.
I couldn't fit the lyrics in this slide so here is the link to the lyrics
English cover/lyrics:
Original Japanese version:
I think the setting of the song is in a place where people are despised and persecuted for being different but still trying to live, and the main speaker in the song is in the middle of being what society considers "normal" and "different" and the main speaker is afraid of finding what he truly is, as it may hurt others around him/her.
Since the song is an opening for an anime, it is closely related to it and it alludes to the anime a lot, it also uses a metaphor; when the main speaker talks about fading away and growing distant. Another literary technique used in this song is symbolism, the "monster" inside the main speaker symbolizes the truth, and how it can hurt others. Lastly, ambiguity is used to give vagueness so the song can be taken in many ways, an example of this is how he/she talks about a monster inside them, and this can be a symbol or metaphor for another thing.
The message of that the truth hurts, and it can not only hurt yourself, but others as well, so it means that you have to sometimes face it but at the same time you have to be careful not to hurt others around you.
I feel that this image is related to the theme of the song because the song is about keeping secrets and being afraid of hurting others due to secrets, this picture reflects that theme because the person in the picture is showing a shushing gesture with the caption "quiet" on the bottom this means that the person is trying to hide something. And to add on, the person is wearing a mask, however it is not covering his face completely, meaning that he could be two faced or there are two parts to the person just like how the song is talking about how the main speaker is hiding something and is afraid of it. Lastly, the mask is a smile with a zipper on it, it means that the person is hiding something just like in the song.
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