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Jake Reinvented

By Gordon Korman

sana farhat

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Jake Reinvented

Main Conflicts/issues Rick Paradis Jake Garrett Human nature Themes Self discovery
Choices lead to consequences
Societal pressure influencing personal choice
Loyalty Hook Peer pressure
High school drama
Fitting in the crowd
Acceptance/popularity Jake Reinvented Narrator of the novel
Closest friend of Jake Garrett
Best friends with Todd Buckley
Calm and sensible
Likes Todd Buckley's girlfriend's, best friend, Jennifer New, mysterious student at the school
Gains popularity due to his Friday night parties
Long snapper in the football team
Likes Didi, Todd Buckley's girlfriend
Reinvents himself just to get Didi Obsession
Capability of achieving
Adolescents are very short tempered By Gordon Korman Connections Great Gatsby:
Based on the classic
Modern version of 1920's
Retold analogue by Korman
Similar plot, themes, chracter traits An Extraordinary transformation, a change for life
A journey of self discovery
Intoxicated by the obsession of a true obsession
Reinvention that causes numerous consequences, but it will result in many dangers in the cruelty of many followed
High school will be a life learning lesson Real life connections: Contemporary american society
Popularity and acceptance
Values and principles
Clique system Book Analysis Written in 1st person narration
The tone is appropriate for adolescents
Confusing plot and character relations
A realistic and poignant way of retelling
Biased perception of the narrator Thank you for listening!!! By Sana Farhat Do I suggest this book?
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