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7th grade Science Lesson Plan

Students will learn the different clouds.


on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of 7th grade Science Lesson Plan

7th Grade Science lesson plan I Am Riding On a Cloud

I am riding on a cloud
in the middle of the sky,
making idle conversation
with the birds who happen by.
I'm uncertain how I got here,
but I surely do not care.
I'm enchanted to be floating
unencumbered in the air.

I may try to catch a rainbow
with my rainbow-catching mitt,
build imaginary castles,
or do nothing else but sit.
What I do is unimportant
just as long as I can stay
in my chariot of billows
on this dreamy summer day.


Over in the meadow,
There's a place where I
Like to sit
and watch the clouds drift by:
Thin wispy clouds
Stretched across the sky;
Thick,puffy clouds
piled up high.
when you look up at the clouds,
You can see most anything:
Cloud knights guard
A castle for the king;
Cloud cats prowl
On little cloud feet;
And cloud children play
On a cloud lined street.
Cloud horses gallop;
And cloud birds fly,
When I sit beneath my tree
And watch the clouds drift by.

Science is the study of nature that helps us understand the world better.Through science we also learn how nature can effect us.
Nature is everything not made by man.
For Example:

rocks rivers stones
plants lakes trees
oceans wind By looking at the title of the poems can you guess what the poems will be about? Now that we have read the poems and know what they are about. What part of nature do you think we will learn today? What are the three main type of clouds? Stratus clouds

Cumulus clouds

Cirrus clouds How much do you know about clouds

Read information given on clouds

Answer questions 1-7
What clouds look like flat sheets?
Stratus clouds
What clouds look like big fluffy balls of cotton?
Cumulus clouds What clouds are usually thin with fuzzy edges and look like feathers?
Cirrus clouds 1.Remember what you read:
Writting summary

2.What kind of cloud are you?
Draw your cloud
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