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Camera Phones Through The Ages!

No description

Merve Karakas

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Camera Phones Through The Ages!

A presentation by Merve Karakas :) Evolution of Camera Phones! The J-SH04,made by Sharp, was originally released in November of the year 2000 and was the first ever phone in the world with a built in camera, introduced in Japan! The first ever camera phone, like ever! Who was Phillip Kahn? Entrepreneur/Genius Phillip Kahn is actually the one who first invented the "camera phone" in 1997! The inspiration came from the desire to send a picture of his newborn baby daughter to friends and family. Kahn inserted a miniature camera into his Motorola Startac, which was the most popular mobile phone of the time. On June 11, 1997, Kahn took the picture of his baby daughter and broadcasted it around the world, sending it to his friends and family. The picture shown above is known to be the first picture ever taken on a mobile phone, and baby Sophie! :) The first camera phone sold in America was actually the Nokia 7650, in the second quarter of 2002.This phone was noted for many firsts, but most of all, the built in camera. Just a few months later the Sanyo SCP-5300 was released by Sprint also featuring a built in camera, many believe that the 5300 was the first camera phone sold in America because it was released quite shortly after the nokia.On the SCP-5300, the most notable difference is the ability to take a picture of yourself while the "clamshell" is put down. First "official" camera phone in the U.S! Both 0.3 Megapixels Comparisons of the Cameras though the iPhone Generations Fast Forward! As you can see, saying the iPhone camera quality has improved would definitely be an understatement! Now let's get a bit technical... Since the first iPhone the cameras resolution has increased 6 Megapixels. The first iPhone was an amazing 2 Megapixels, and the newest iPhone 5 is 8! Now remember 1 Megapixel is equal to one million pixels, so that makes 8 million pixels on the newest iPhone! :O *Megapixels are definitely not the only feature that determine the quality of a camera. There's things like focus, flash, image sensors and good optics. Recently the iPhone 5 has been having a little bit of competition, the also newly released Samsung Galaxy S3 has been hating on Apple just a bit.. :) (next bubble) iPhones Don't Necessarily Rule the World... :) Nokia 7650 Sanyo SCP-5300 As the iPhone progressed they've faced new competition, one of the biggest competitors Apple has come to face with is definitely Samsung. With the Galaxy family, Samsung has been a strong opponent for Apples iPhones. Recently Samsung released their Galaxy S3, that is said to have "everything and more" that the iPhone 5 has, take a look at this advertisement Samsung put forth to the newspaper trying to prove themselves equal to Apple. Both front cameras on the smartphones can record HD video at 30fps but the Galaxy S3's has a slightly higher rating at 1.9Mp compared to 1.2Mp. Only Camera Difference... Woooooo, big deal -.- This presentation has basically been to inform you about Camera Phone development! America has obviously moved up the camera phone ladder miraculously through the ages! Most people just brush it off saying, "That's Apple for you!". I definitely would have believed that before i did this project, but now i know that it most definitely is not all Apple's doing. This is credited to all the geniuses out there who made this world so advanced in technology that we fear what the world might be like decades from now :) To conclude... Hope You Enjoyed!
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