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Little Miss Sunshine

No description

Alba Romero Rodríguez

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Little Miss Sunshine

PL T Characters Michael Arndt, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris Greg Kinnear plays the role of Richard Hoover He's Olive's father He's managing to build a career as a motivational speaker and a life coach Toni Collete plays the role of Sheryl Hoover She's Olive's mother She's a very busy woman Abigail Breslin plays the role of Olive (the main character) She's a really nice girl who pretends to be the winner of a beauty contest Steve Carrell plays the role of Frank (Sheryl's brother) He's a homosexual scholar of Marcel Proust (a French author) He's tried to suicide Paul Dano plays the role of Dwayne He's Sheryl's son (from a previous marriage) He's taken a vow of silence until he can accomplish his dream of becoming a test pilot Alan Arkin plays the role of Edwin He's Richard's father He's a II World War veteran who's been recently sent out of a retirement home for having heroin This film was directed by The screenplay was written by being rewarded for his work He was given an Academy Award Best supporting actor The film was distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures Box office $ 100.523.181 Music was composed by Mychael Danna The film was first watched in the Sundance Film Festival January 20, 2006 First time to be watched at the cinema July 26, 2006 Olive is told that she's been let to take part in a beauty contest It's going to take place in Redondo Beach,California, so the whole family has to set off on a journey They travel by car, what brings them several problems They must push it to reach 20 miles per hour, and then jump in The horn starts honking unceasingly, what attracts some policemen Each of them has his own problems during the trip They end up by understanding how much they need the others' support Edwin Richard Sheryl Olive Frank Dwayne Richard loses the opportunity to get a contract No economical help for the family Frank encounters his last boyfriend, who had abandoned him, after what he tried to suicide Edwin dies due to a heroin overdose Dwayne turns up to be color blind He won't be able to be a test pilot Olive's father tells her not to eat what may make her get fatter The family takes his body (illegally)from the hospital, just to get to Redondo Beach on time She keeps being herself They are four minutes late, but Olive is finally let to take part in the beauty contest The whole family stares at the other competitors They seem to be adult women Richard and Dwayne don't want her to participate in order to avoid her from feeling humiliated "Let Olive be Olive", Sheryl says Her burlesque dance makes the audience horrifies, trying to stop her Her family is the only one to support her Completely different to Olive They get on stage and start dancing They're sent to a police station They don't get punished and go back home, being themselves
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