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My Jorney- Internship in ViTrox Corporation Berhad

No description

Little Oh

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of My Jorney- Internship in ViTrox Corporation Berhad

Organization Culture : 2nd Home Concept
My Strength and Weaknesses
Working with this company brings me a lot of memories.
Cultivate a good culture is never an easy job.
Employee well-being will affects the organization overall.

It is important to build a company with a culture of integrity, accountability, courage, trust and respect and gratitude and care.

I will embed these values in daily life as I believe that as a company, are not only obligated to fulfill the physical needs of employee by giving them good remuneration package but also to grow them to be a better individual with professional skill and good humanity values who are willing to serve others with gratitude and care

ViTrox Corporation Berhad
MY Jorney
Internship in ViTrox Corporation Berhad

EM Asia Innovation Award 2013
Prime Minister Award 2013
2011 Forbes Asia's 200 Best Under
a Billion List
Eminent Eagle
Golden Eagle Award 2013
Malaysia HR Award 2012
Malaysia HR Awards 08-09
V810 XXL
3D In-line Advanced X-ray Inspection System (AXI)
World fastest and best coverage AXI system for PCB SMT assembly line
Core Product
TR 1000
Tray to Reel Vision Handler
Comes with built in taping module and duo nozzles for faster unit pickup which translates to higher throughput to up to 14k (y to tape)
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
The all new automated optical inspection solution for the inspection of bare PCB board, flew circuit, artwork and dry film

Founded in Penang in year 2000
Founded by Mr Chu Jenn Weng
Converted into public limited company and name ViTrox Corporation Berhad in year 2004
Now, ViTrox is listed under Main Board of Bursa Malaysia
My Life in Corp. Admin Department
Corporate Admin Department Organization Chart
Daily Task
a) Standing meeting
b) Allocate key to key requestor/ new comer
c) Update key and workstation layout masterlist
d) Response to internal customer for any building facilities issue
e) As Coordinator, liase with contractors and service providers
f) Collect item purchased from receiving area
g) Take good care of Corp. Admin Property
h) Update payment record & maintenance record
i) Issue electronic Purchase Request Form (ePRF)
j) Sourcing and purchase any purchase item
k) Take care of V-cafe Business
a) Design Company Mannerism Poster
b) Design V-cafe e-catalogue
c) Design program flow poster for ViTrox Open Day and Charity Concert
d) Do Presentation Slide
My soft skill in Multimedia

a) System to key in Indah Water form with zero free
Easy to record
Keep track the number of employee from time to time
Develop to key in Indah Water Form
Calculate the adjustment on bill by Indah Water easily

b) System to control the stock and WI on issuing extension wire

c) Water Drinking Dispenser's Service and Maintenance record
Identify the location of drinking dispenser machine
Calculate the costing
Compile all collected data about function and filter life time
Develop WI to use this system and WI to perform pre-filter changing ownself
Approximate will help the company to save for few thousand

d) Lift Service and Maintenance record
Easy to record and visualize, to ensure all lift are good in condition
Easy to keep track when to service, what task has been carry out by the service provider after every service, lift problem, and recommendation
Useful for facilities team to do analysis in future

e) Fire protection system
Identify where to place 3D fire safety sign
System to keep track the expire date of fire extinguisher, map to visualizze the location of fire extinguisher
Easy to record and visualize, to ensure all fire alarm systemare good in condition
Compiled all the analysis and write a description to describe the function of fire fighting facilities in pump room and fire alarm panel
Develop WI on direct response when fire alarm panel in abnormal condition
Design simple but informative poster with WI pasted at guard house
Kaizen Project
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