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Market Plan

No description

Ran Tao

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Market Plan

Company Image Drinking Alcohol Marketing Plan Board Hurricane Awareness Products- Board games Place Marketing Budget Awareness Flyers Motivating Facebook Promotion Marketing Strategy Products-Snacks Marketing Bars and Nightclubs Motivation Retainment Posters Twitter Email Retaining GAMES Competitions Hand Out Flyers 1100 Hanging Posters 300 Motivating Website and Facebook 500 Retaining VIP Card 1000 Competitions 4800 Total Expense $ 8700 Purchase Discounts 1000 number of Customer per day: 100

Average Spend per person: $15

Revenue: 100*15*300=$450,000/year

Profit: 3.6%*450,000= $16200/year Marketing Goals Playing Board Games Ordinary Drinking Alcohol Happy, Relaxed, and Harmonious Marketing Image Business Logo Products- Beverages Alcoholic Drinks Soft Drinks Pricing Alcoholic Drinks $ 4.95-7.00 Beer Domestic: $ 2.95-3.95 Imported:3.95-4.95 Pricing Soft Drinks $ 2.0 and up Place Convenience Moderate Price Quiet Environment Pricing-Snacks Popcorn Chicken: $5.0 Icecream: $2.5 and up Awareness
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