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George Biju Kozhipattu

on 19 July 2015

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Transcript of NET NEUTRALITY

It is the fundamental concept that all data on the internet should be treated the same irrespective of data at different levels.

Open and Closed Internet
An open Internet Refers to an Internet where there is no discrimination of data

What is Net Neutrality
A closed Internet refers An Internet where a government, established person or corporation favours use of certain data.

Dumb Pipes
Category where wireless carriers who do not provide Value Added Services are placed.

Traffic shaping is the control of a data network by a company to increase/decrease the loading speeds of certain data packets.

Traffic Shaping
Issues Regarding Net Neutrality
Discrimination by IP
Involves a procedure called Deep Packet Inspection which provides real time discrimination between different data types to be possible.

What Happens If There is NO
Net Neutrality?

Why Net Neutrality is good
The greatest argument that all ISP's hold against net neutrality is that they will be able to gain more revenue from discrimination thus helping to develop the internet sector
Net Neutrality In India
No Formal Law Has Been Passed
The IT Act 2000 does not prohibit comapnies from throttling services.
By 24th April 2015 TRAI received over 1,000,000 emails against its paper on OTT services

Thank You
Over- The - Top
OTT refers to the delivery of audio, video, photographic or textual information over an internet network
A spam free Internet
Filtering of spam sites based on the fact that most of these sites have little or no funding.
High Costs
Non Net neutrality also means that ISP's can charge you for anything you do on the internet.
Favouring Private Networks

Favouring of data sent over Private Networks
rather than the General IP.

Peering Discrimination
Involves a deal between a website and an ISP
where the ISP provides a relatively faster speed to the website.

Control Of Data
ISP's have total control over what data can or cannot be viewed
User Tolerance
They can make sites load slower forcing the user to use the only site that loads fast

Inception 2015

Net neutrality
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