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Why I should dye my whole head rainbow

No description

Happy Hannah

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Why I should dye my whole head rainbow

Rainbow Why This Summer I Should Dye my Whole Head seriously. So it may seem way crazy that I want to dye my whole head rainbow, but I really want to express myself that way. In this prezi I will explain pros and yes, some cons that you have, but I will make a point against them. I hope you are persuaded! Questions welcome throughout presentation. But Please no "This is crazy"s or "Nooooo Ways" thank you. Why? the real question is: Why not? Pros Cons There are very many
-I will pay for all the supplies and water costs and new gloves
-I could be doing WAY worse things with my time (boyfriends, texting, asking for a tattoo, asking for a second piercing)
- It is over the summer, and I can always go back to regular in fall ( even though I'd rather not if you say yes, but that is a different prezi)
- I will remember it forever and tell stories about myself as a child and my rainbow hair ( if it isn't rainbow at the time)
-It is vegan
it isn't drugs
-my school allows it (ask me to show you the rules)
-It shows my creativeness in a very positive way
-It will make the world a better place because people will smile, then there will be more positive energy
-It is temporary, and if it goes wrong in any way shape, or form, I will and can dye it brown again
-I WILL LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! - I am way too young
(13 is just the right age because it is a time of experimentation, and I can always change it back if you don't like it. I will even buy brown dye when I buy the other colors just in case.)

-We will be portrayed as bad parents if we let you
(I don't think you will think this, but I think I should answer this. NO! People will be in awe at how at cool you are at letting me express me, and then they will raise their children well, so that by letting me, you'd make those parents be better parents.

-We don't know what it would look like, and what if we don't like it?
(I can always dye it back to brown and just keep my bangs like before. I can also sketch it out, and also, look at this picture, and imagine if my whole head under my hat were rainbow. You'd get the jist.) There are very few Questions? 12 total 3 total ( 1/4 that of the pros)
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