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Natural Selection Project

No description

Beatriz Reza

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Natural Selection Project

Natural Selection Project
How is use of
hand sanitizers
affecting human populations?
Effects of using Antibacterials
The FDA says that using products that have "antibacterial" on it is no better than using soap alone but the "antibacterial" has more health risks!
Wash your hands with regular soap
Avoid contact with cleansing alcohol
don't be afraid to get a little DIRTY!
Driving Question:
Bacteria can become resistant
Disrupts hormone levels
May cause allergies in children
Can make you sick
Natural Selection
the process in which organisms that are better adapted to their environment produce more offspring and more easily acquire resources
Part 1
a random genetic mutation occurs in an organisms DNA while it is being developed
this small mutation either helps or hurts the organisms chances of survival

Helps: more available resources & produce more offspring
(passes on mutation)

Hurts: dies and mutation isn't passed on

Part 3
Charles Darwin
(Feb. 12,1809-April 19, 1882
English naturalist/geologist who created the Natural Selection Theory
How He Came Up with the Theory
while on a trip to the Galapagos islands, Darwin noticed how the beaks of finches varied from island to island
Adaptive Radiation
-when a population separates to occupy and take advantage of different niches
Hand Sanitizer
used as an alternative to hand washing with soap and water and comes is a variety of gel, foam, and liquid solutions.
Usually alcohol-based, hand sanitizers kill
more effectively than soap and water.
over time and generations, a new
can arise
-group of organisms that can naturally interbreed and produce fertile (or viable, meaning that they can reproduce as well) offspring

when a group splits into multiple species (
geographic isolation
adaptive radiation
convergent evolution
small organisms that at most times, cause disease
Antibiotic Resistance
a form of drug resistance where microorganisms build immunity against drugs that would usually kill them.
when treating illnesses, doctors will use a process called cycling to kill all the germs that had formed antibiotic resistance with stronger drugs
Hygiene Hypothesis
a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents,
symbiotic organisms
parasites increases
, causing allergic diseases by suppressing the natural development of the immune system and leads to defects in the development of immune tolerance
Why the Use of Hand Sanitizer is Bad
Hand sanitizers say that they kill 99.9% of germs
that .01% that wasn't killed are still alive due to antibiotic resistance
if the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer can't kill that .01%- that means that that percentage are the strongest of all those germs
Also, because they are the only germs left, they will begin to reproduce- making the offspring just as strong (or even stronger) than their parents
hand sanitizers will no longer begin to work because they will reproduce, creating stronger babies with the hand sanitizer resistance gene
more people will begin to get sick more often due to the drug resistant germs-causing deaths
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
August 1, 1744- December 28, 1829
Was a French Naturalist who created his own theory of Natural Selection.
How he came up with his theory
He studied Herons and their leg lengths.
By, Beatriz Reza & Breanna Reams
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