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Le French Revolution

No description

Celia Soller

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Le French Revolution

How did the government respond?
In the French revolution, the leaders of France did not give in to the people's demands, and did use military force while fighting back.

The American revolution was very similar, as it took a full-fledged war to try and stop the revolution.

How was the government the same or different after the revolution?
French Revolution- The type of government that emerged after the revolution was democracy, or as the French called it, a consul. It emerged because frustration was reached with the leadership since most of the power relied on the military to maintain their authority.

This is similar to the American Revolution because both resulted in democracy, and they were both tired of their current rulers.
French Revolution- citizens of France, part of the Third Estate, which represented 98% of the population

This is similar to the American revolution because not all Americans participated in it either, only the Patriots.
How did they organize?
In the French revolution, they didn't organize it at all. There were some leaders that told the people how to revolt, but it happened totally spontaneously.

In the American revolution, it was the complete opposite. They planned and trained for months before fighting the Britsh.
When and Where?
French Revolution- took place in France during the years 1789-1799

It happened right after the American Revolution, in 1774-1781.
French Revolution- French citizens sought equal representation, equal taxing, and voting rights, because even though the Third Estate represented almost all of the population, they could still be outvoted by the upper classes paid more taxes.

This is similar to the American revolution because in the American revolution they revolted because the king was being extremely unfair with taxes, and didn't give them representation either.

How did they overthrow the government?
French Revolution- Yes the French took over government buildings. They were very violent and did assassinate the leaders. The French did not engage in peaceful demonstrations at all. They also had the support of military and very much so engaged in acts of warfare.

In the American revolution, they did almost the same thing, except they didn't take over government buildings because they were across an ocean. The American woman did engage in some peaceful demonstrations by boycotting some British products.
Secondary Sources-
History Channel- http://www.history.com/topics/french-revolution
PBS- http://www.pbs.org/ktca/liberty/
Previous Knowledge of Revolution

Primary Source-

Le French Revolution
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