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Lesson 3; Homestatic responses to exercise

No description

Matt Rutter

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 3; Homestatic responses to exercise

Lesson 3; Homestatic responses to exercise
The aim of this lesson is to examine probable homeostatic responses of the body during exercise
Record you resting heart rate and breathing rate and add your results to your sheet
Throughout this session you will take part in a variety of exercises. At defined periods during the circuit you will measure your heart rate and breathing rate

You now need to add a reflection of what you have completed to your powerpoint presentation along with your exercise results
In the last lesson you have started to research into a range of Homeostatic responses, this lesson will allow learners to discuss probable homeostatic responses and changes to the internal environment during exercise
By the end of this lesson learners should have;
recorded heart rate and breathing rate at rest, during exercise, immediately after exercise and then again after a period of rest
Completed a range of exercises to provoke a homeostatic response
Pair up
Ok, organise yourselves into pairs

You will be resposible for recording your partners bteathing rate after each period of exercise
1. Jogging
2. Squats
3. press up or sit up or jog
4. Jogging

The circuit works on exercise for two minutes and rest for two minutes
Continued changes
Now we need to measure your results immediately after exercise, after 2 minutes rest and 4 minutes rest - ensure you record your results
Take Away
You now need to add your results to your presentation on powerpoint along with an evaluation of the importance of homeostasis in maintaining the healthy functioning of the body (D2)
Results Table
Draw a results table in your pads
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