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Fahrenheit 451 pages 51-60

No description

Taylor Massey

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 pages 51-60

Fahrenheit 451 pages 51-60
The firehouse
Montag is at work and he has the earpiece in that he got from Faber.
The firemen are all playing cards.
Beatty and Montag are talking and Beatty is making references to various books; Montag is getting flustered.
Beatty grabs Montag's wrist and notices that his pulse is unusually fast.
They get a call and Beatty answers, but then comes back and wants to finish the game. SUSPICIOUS!
Then Montag quits the game, so then they decide to go...
Beatty is driving to their destination- which is unusual because somebody else usually drives.
When they get out, Beatty asks Montag what is wrong, and Montag replies that they have just stopped in front of his own house.
Montag's house
Beatty tells Montag that he kind of had it coming because he was playing with fire.
Mildred comes out and gets in a taxi and she is upset about losing her 'family.'
Faber talks to him through the earpiece and asks what is wrong, and Montag says that it is happening. Faber tells him to run, but Montag says he can't because the hound will catch him.
Beatty hands Montag a flame thrower and says that he has to clean up the mess.
Montag goes inside and starts torching things.
Beatty says that when Montag finishes burning everything he is under arrest.
Montag asks if Beatty if Mildred was the one who turned him in. Beatty said that Mildred's friends also called him in.
Montag asked Beatty why he actually did it. Beatty hit him and the earpiece fell out and Beatty saw it.
Montag turns the flamethrower on Beatty, killing him
He then tries to run but the hound is there!
This leads to an epic battle in which the hound is burned and Montag's leg is injected and then hit by a car
His leg is numb and at first he does not believe he can walk but he forces himself to
Montag runs through the alley with the four stolen books, collapses disgusted with himself but hears the sirens and carries on
He finds a seashell in his pocket and listens and hears his story being broadcast
He realized now that he had been unknowingly running towards Faber's house and changes course
The Car
Montag cleans up in a gas station wash room
He hears that war has been started but people are more concerned with his story
He continues running and then needs to cross the street
He worries that the approaching headlights are the police and that he won't cross in time
While he is running across he dropped a book in the street and fell thinking this was the end
The car passed leaving only the hint of a tire track on the tip of his middle finger, it had only been a car of children
He wondered if they had been the ones to kill Clarice and he got all emotional
Beatty says that he is going to track the earpiece to find Faber. ¡Ay Caramba!
Montag enters the Black's silent house
He hides his books there, calls it in at an old phone booth, and runs to Faber's house
The Setup
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