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Baseball Pitches

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different baseball pitches.

Connor Gallagher

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Baseball Pitches

Baseball Pitches Fastball Advantages
Accurate Disadvantages
Common (used to seeing)
No movement Cutter Advantages
Veloicity with movement
Cuts in on the Hands

Not much movement
If not thrown correct just a slower fastball
Huge break (could start at your head
and finish at your knees
Change of velocity slows the pitch down
If break is not in time turns into a very slow
fastball belt high
If not thrown correctly can lead to major arm and
shoulder problems Slider Advantages
Can either start on the plate and run off
or start off and catch the corner
Movement is side to side very uncommon Disadvantages
If you do not catch the corner, the pitch
is going to be hit very hard.
If thrown incorrectly can lead to major shoulder
Knuckleball Advantages
Crazy movement on a windy day
no one knows where it's going
Very slow pitch changes up speeds that
the hitter will be expecting Disadvantages
Very inacurate the pitcher doesn't really
even know where the pitch is going
Very easy to hit home runs off of if you miss
your spotting Change-Up Advantages
Very Accurate for a off speed pitch
Off speed pitch changes up the batters
perception of speed.

Least amount of break on the off speed pitch
Most common of all off speed pitches (hitters
used to seeing it
Gyro- Ball Advantages
Deception pitch looks like it's going
to break and then doesn't
Least common of all off speed pitches

Does not actually break so if hitter recognizes
this pitch turns into a slow fastball
Red dot of ball from seams makes pitch easy to spot
if the hitter is looking for it (usually hitter is not looking for it) Excercise #1 Question:
What is the most common and widely agreed
dominant or succesful baseball pitch Excercise #2 Question:
What is the most successful off speed pitch? Answers
1: Fastball
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