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Introduction Techniques

Nur Hakim

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Introductions

Opening a Story Grab the reader Introduction Techniques 1. Dialogues 2. A question 3. A Vivid Description 4. An Interesting Fact 5. Sound effects “Hurry or you’ll be late!” called my mother from the bottom of the stairs. “Today of all days you want to be on time.”
If I had only known what that day would bring, I would have stayed in bed. Have you ever had a day when you
wished you had stayed in bed?
As I rushed to catch the bus on what
seemed to be a perfectly normal day
I had no idea what was ahead of me. The sun was warm on my back as I raced toward the waiting yellow school bus. As I nestled into the worn leather seat I was greeted by the friendly voices of other excited children. The look on my face was one of confidence and contentment. With a jerk the bus rumbled down the road and I was on my way into one of the worst days of my life. Shock has been known to kill ten year olds. It can cause their brains to explode and their heart to stop dead still.
These facts raced through my mind as I stood dumbfounded in front of my classmates. I wish I had stayed in bed! “Buzzzzzz!” The sound of my alarm clock droned in my ears as I struggled to come awake. With a startle I sat straight up in my bed. This was my big day and I had to be on time. Effective Narrative Writing 1. Opening/Introducing characters 2. Build-up/creating setting 3. Conflict 4. Reaction/events 5. Resolution and ending
The Worst Day of My Life Groupwork
Break into groups of 4.

Each group will be given an Introduction technique.

Based on the Introduction technique given to your group, write out an introduction in no less than 50 words.

"The Day I Overcame my Greatest Fear"

Interesting introduction to 'grab the reader' Describe the setting, atmosphere. Introduce a complication Describe the increasing tension
as the story unfolds Happy or sad ending
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