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No description

Sabrina Hoppe

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of EYPE

Basic Idea gaze input speed-up by continuous
shape writing Motivation Challenges conceptual:
initial letter
space character
searching behaviour

parameter fitting for Needleman-Wünsch Future Work improve error rate by
embedding linguistic heuristics

speed up by
optimised layout
highlighting likely follow-up characters

explore mobile applications Eye Typing Using Eye Traces EYPE Sabrina Hoppe
Markus Löchtefeld
Florian Daiber word / phrase trace of characters matching Needleman-Wünsch-Algorithm considers neighbourhood
good computational complexity


ambiguities, e.g. the vs. three Pros / Cons Needleman-Wünsch match skip input skip optimal O(n*m) Needleman-Wünsch sum up all operations on a path

use result as similarity score

compare input to all suitable words in a dictionary potential of dwell-free
eye-typing thank you
for your attention user study possible applications:
disabled people
mobile interaction Kristensson & Vertanen (ETRA 12) optimal trace compare Needleman Wünsch Algorithm constant penalty
for skipping penalty for matches
depend on similarity:
- same character
- neighbouring
- other
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