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Decision to UK


Tyra Bridgers

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Decision to UK

Room & Board
Books and Supplies
Personal $30,100 Scholarship
$8,530 Going to UK!!! Maria Braden Scholarhsip
Bill Billiter Scholarship
Joe Hirsch Scholarship
Freshman Scholarship Student-ran Radio Station

Televsion Production Studio

Kentucky Kernel Newspaper 1.It's easy to make lots of friends
2.You are close to classes
3.No cooking or shopping for food
4.No cleaning
5.No driving in traffic
6.FREE Internet and cable in rooms
7.26 libraries to utilize
8.3 exercise facilities to use
9.Close to all Wildcat Sports
10.Chances for FREE Entertainment
11.Over 200 Club/Groups to join
12.Intramural sports
13.Bus transportation
14.Secure residence halls with ID check-ins
15.Security cameras
16.Living-Learning Communities
17.FREE tutoring services
18.Social & Academic programming
19.Support Services
20.AND it is economical! — Living in a residence hall is less expensive than living off campus! TOP 20 Reasons to Live on campus.... $6,139 Only 6 hours away!
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