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Brittany Mayweather's Digital Portfolio

No description

Brittany Mayweather

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Brittany Mayweather's Digital Portfolio

Brittany Mayweather's Digital Portfolio
Education: Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction
American College of Education, 2012

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, 2010
Suma Kum Laude

Certification: State of Georgia Professional Class C Certificate
Type T, Middle Grades (4-8)
Type T, Early Childhood Education
Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, Trained

• Lifelong Learner who values self-awareness, reflection, and growth
• Values making students feel appreciated and empowered to succeed
• Excellent leadership and communication skills
• Innovative, team player, empathetic, flexible
• Excellent organizational skills
• Effective oral and written communication skills
• Data-Driven

Professional Profile
Bethesda Elementary School, Lawrenceville, 4th Grade (2010-present)
Excited and eager to build a student centered classroom immersed in a family atmosphere.
Dedicated to the belief that all students can achieve at a high level. Empowered by the excitement students show when they are successful and engaged.
Teaches a diverse group of students in a collaborative setting with ESOL, autistic, and EIP students who demonstrate growth and success.
Integrates technology into the classroom using Mimio Smartboard, laptops, document cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, and various tablets.
Engages students in their own learning through hands on project based learning geared toward Common Core/AKS Mastery.
Creates a classroom environment in which all students feel safe to take risks, take ownership of their learning, and accept challenges.
Utilizes technology such as Class Dojo, Prezi, Voki, IXL, MobileMouse, and more.
Implements Writer’s Workshop, Reader’s Workshop, and Math Workshop
Values integration across subjects

Former U.S.A. National Professional Softball Team Member, (2009)
• Currently integrating teaching skills and professional softball experience to organize youth female skills and character camps, as well as weekly mentoring sessions.

Grade Level Manager, (2013-2014)
Teacher of the Year Nominee, (2013-2014)
Selected as Admire and Acquire Teacher Mentor Classroom, (2010-present)
The University of Alabama College of Education, Field Experience (1,127 hours)

Philosophy and Beliefs
Brittany Mayweather
“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” Chuck Palahniuk
Technology is the future...
Currently, I use a variety of technology resources in my classroom! I am also very eager to discover more ways to integrate technology in effective and engaging ways!
This incredibly, humbling statement engrossed itself on my heart many years ago, and
its truth walks with me through every journey of my life
. To say that my teaching philosophy and beliefs are solely my own would not only be untrue, but also do an injustice to the incredible influences that have molded the person and teacher that I am today.
I stand by my belief that
I am simply a vessel
… a vessel through which I hope to allow a higher purpose to work through me.
My personal teaching style and beliefs are

very much like a patchwork quilt, sewn here and there from the impressions that so many people have made upon me
from the time I was in elementary school until this very day. I now teach with the utmost humility and appreciation for those who influenced me first!
A Snapshot of Who I Am...
My name is Brittany Mayweather, and I received a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama as well as a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education. I am so grateful to say that I spent my collegiate career growing as an educator, and playing for the Crimson Tide softball team! Later on, I was blessed with the opportunity to play for the U.S.A. National softball team in 2009. What a blessing it was to play for such a collection of organizations.
Through my experiences there,
I learned so many valuable lessons. All of which I try to translate into my own classroom
. I always emphasize that students represent more than themselves, and that they have the chance to become incredible leaders.
My hopes are that I can help all students develop academically, but even more importantly as individuals.
Team work and supporting others is what life is all about!!!
Contact Information
525 Bethesda School Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30044


Glance into My Classroom!
Enter into my classroom today, and you would observe an
atmosphere of

, and
! I believe that learning only occurs through discussion and experience, and I am always searching for innovative ways to make that happen! I seek ways to appeal to multiple learning styles, and utilize differentiation and integration to make learning as exciting and approachable as possible!
If you were a fly on the wall you would witness collaborative chants, the use of curriculum based songs, utilization of technology, use of interactive notebooks, and much more!
My teaching beliefs and philosophies have not only been influenced by teachers and administrators, but also people from my personal life and the athletic world.
The creative combination of these philosophies is the root of my teaching style
. Not only have the best of each of these worlds propelled me to the highest feats of my own life, they serve as the foundation in which I establish my classroom community.

As I have grown as a person, I have found it so interesting to see that many of the strongest philosophies that teachers, coaches, parents, and mentors have conveyed to me are very much the same!
These philosophies include building character, teaching endurance, expecting no less than excellence, supporting a family structure, and celebrating successes and strengths rather than failures
. All of these principles “set the pace” (as my coach Patrick Murphy would say) for my teaching methods, and make up the menagerie that I call my teaching style.

Rosanne Liesveld, co-author of Teach With Your Strengths, mentions that we should all teach to what we are the strongest at. With this knowledge,
I am extremely passionate about teaching students to not only succeed academically, but also in their everyday lives!
This is where character development and expecting no less than excellence join the braid of my teaching philosophies. I know that academic success is highest on the totem pole, however I feel that developing a child’s inner character holds the same brevity. This is true because our purpose as teachers is to challenge students to become lifelong learners! In my opinion we only become lifelong learners when we strike a healthy balance between academic knowledge, the “know-how” to meet adversity face to face with confidence, the ability to hold ourselves to high yet achievable standards, and the ability to represent ourselves and families well.

Ron Clark, nationally known teacher and author, mentions that he, “started working hard at developing, not only curriculum, but rules about manners and respect for others…” and the academic progress of his students truly thrived because of it.
I completely agree that if we show students that the small things matter (manners, accountability, setting high expectations for ourselves, meeting adversity with confidence, and a hard working attitude), they will be well suited to not only meet academic expectations but exceed them
They will also be well prepared for life beyond the classroom.
Visit My Class Website
Pam J. Williams
Principal- Bethesda Elementary School
525 Bethesda School Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
(770) 921-2000

Dr. Barbara Tucker
Assistant Principal- Bethesda Elementary
525 Bethesda School Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
(770) 921-2000

Crystal Cooper-Thompson
Principal- Sycamore Elementary School
5695 Sycamore Road
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
(678) 301-7255

Dr. Greg Cunningham
Assistant Principal- Archer High School
2255 New Hope Rd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Mr. Scott Grimes
Assistant Principal- Berkmar High School
405 Pleasant Hill Road,
Lilburn, GA 30047

Here's a challenge I make to my students everyday!
"teacher for the moment"
Bartering like Native Americans!
parts of speech pizza parlor
student presentations
Colonial Occupation Wax Museum Project- integrating Reading, Writing, and Social Studies
We invited the entire school to witness our final products!
Students are given opportunities to "teach" skills to ME! Here, my students are creating a Lattice multiplication "how to" poster that they must present to other fouth graders! I EMPHASIZE the importance of explaining "WHY" they choose their steps, and they produce very detailed explanations!
Working in differentiated pairs... this gives me the chance to confer with multiple small groups during ONE math workshop session.
graphic organizers, team problem solving!
partner summarizing!
Project Based Student Tasks
oral/aural performances
My students created their own Explorer AND Native American Jeopardy projects to summarize both units! Then, they get to "play" against partners as a review!
Modeling How to identify key details in informational text, and summarize!
Templates used for student portfolio
Extension of our Character analysis unit
Sample Lesson Plans
Zoom for details
Informal Unit Plan used to generate detailed lesson plans...
Primary Focuses: integration of literacy and Social Studies, use of technology, and incorporation of multiple common core/AKS skills!
Using Thinglink.com images to enhance our Visual Literacy Projects
My students identified key components of Revolutionary Battles and responded to Document Based questions using this website!
Here, they can tag their Document based responses directly on the images further bridging connections!
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