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No description

Jasper Gibson

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Memoir

Something I will never forget
When Is A Time I Felt 100% Happy
I was 100% happy when I gave a devotion at FCA for the fist time .I was so nervous even though I was more prepared than I needed to be . I ended up speaking and doing a great job . The verse , " Because I'm happy , clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do , from the song Happy by Pharrell Williams . This represents my memory because when I gave my devotion I was 100% happy .

What is Some Very Important Advice Someone has Told Me
My dad tells me everyday when I get out of the car for school to do my best and be a leader .This is important to me because I try my best in everything I do . I always try to be the best Christian leader I can be . The verse , " If you want the world to be a better place , Take a look at yourself and make a change ," from the song Man in the Mirror by Micheal Jackson . This song applies to my memory because I want to be
a leader and change things for the better.
What Is a Very Special Location
In My Life
Thank you!
When I was little I got baptised , but I didn't really understand what it meant . On a normal Wednesday in August at a B-Shoc concert I made the most important decision I will ever make . I decided to accept Jesus Christ in my life .I felt so exited and energetic I wanted to tell everyone the great news.
The verse ,"Jesus take the wheel , Take it from
my hands , Cause I can't do this on my own" ,
from the song Jesus Take the Wheel . This verse
represents my memory because when I got
baptised I was accepting Jesus into my life .
These are some of the memories that have shaped my life the most .
When I was in the 5th grade I played on a traveball team called North Georgia Elite . One summer we played in the National Tournament in Myrtle Beach . We ended up having a chance to play in the national championship . We upset a team from Kansas to play another team from Georgia in the National Championship . We came out fast and stayed ahead as we won the National Championship . I was so exited we won . I couldn't believe it . It all felt like a
dream . The verse ," Cause today , is the day , it's the day
that I have always dreamed of forever , when you
call me, you call me the champ , of the world ",
from the song , The Champ by Nelly . This
song represents my memory because
I felt like I was the best at what I
like to do .
A very important location in my life is our beach house in Myrtle Beach . We have been going to the same beach ever since I was born and we finally bought a house there . We always go as a family so it is very important to me . The verse ," If everybody had an ocean , Across the USA , Then everybody'd be surfin , Like a California-a ," from the song Surf in the USA by the Beach Boys . This song represents my memory because I love being at the beach with
my family .
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