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Dog Tags: Strays

No description

Ryan Meeker

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Dog Tags: Strays

Setting Main Characters Phase 1 End Favorite Part Beginning In the beginning of the book, Chuck beat Double O, Billy, and Doc at ping pong. After ping pong they were ordered to pack supplies and get ready for a firefight. Chuck and Ajax checked all the soldiers to make sure they are not imposters. After that, they went off to go to the fight. Time: the story takes place in the Vietnam War at 1959. Main Character 1: Chuck is the first main character. He is a dog handler in the military.
Main Character 2: Ajax is the second main character. He is the military dog that Chuck uses.
Main Character 3: Double O is the third main character. He is one of Chuck's friends, along with Billy and Doc. Dog Tags: Strays Middle The military is grateful Chuck's service. They want to give him a medal. But their plans for Ajax are less noble. They plan to get rid of Ajax. Chuck doesn't want that to happen. Billy told Chuck about a time when his older brother found a wealthy man near the jungle who takes care of any type of dog. Chuck and his friends thought they should visit him. They sneaked out of the military base and started traveling. They found a village with a woman and a boy. The woman was the boy's mom. A squad of enemy soldiers found them. After the short battle, they traveled more with the boy and the mom. They traveled for days. Then they found some giant ruins with a lot of dogs inside. Chuck thought they traveled here for nothing. Doc had an idea. He thought that Chuck should give Ajax to the woman and the boy. Chuck did that. Chuck, Double O, Doc, and Billy were found by an American helicopter and were taken home. Report by Ryan Meeker The place is a military base in a jungle. Chuck and Ajax led his friends and the other soldiers through the jungle with tons of booby traps. They found the enemy after avoiding traps. An American general said to hold their fire. The enemy spotted them and started firing. After the fight the Americans made foxholes and held out for the night. They were picked up by a helicopter at night. My favorite part of the book is when Chuck, Doc, Double O, and Billy started traveling to find the wealthy man. New Vocab #1 Paddy - A field where rice is grown.
Noun. Ex: My rice paddy is really huge. p.111 New Vocab #2 Universal - Done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group. Ex: The incidents caused universal concern. p.121 Adj. New Vocab #3 Rummaged - To search unsystematically and untidily through a mass or receptacle. Ex: I rummaged in my closet for the perfect clothes. p.123. Verb. C. Alexander London
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