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Energy Resources

No description

Rida Farook

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Energy Resources

By: Kaitlyn McQueen
Rida Farook Introduction to
Energy Why do we Need It? Will we run out of Energy Resources? EFficiency is how much useful energy you can get out of a system.

Most energy transformations are not very efficient.
A power plants overall efficiency is about 35%. Potential energy is stored energy. Energy is defined as the ability to produce change or do work. Potential Energy makes life easier for us by:
* producing light
* producing heat
* producing motion
* producing sound
* producing growth
* powering technology Efficiency Energy Resources Kinetic * Chemical
* stored mechanical
* Nuclear
* Gravitational * Electrical
* Radiant
* Thermal
* Motion
* Sound Forms of Energy Energy can never run out. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes forms. What do we use Energy For? Ipod/Technology
Air conditioning
Water Heating
Operating Appliances Wind * renewable resource
* can be used for electricity
*earliest windmill was used to grind grain How do we Use Wind Power? How do we Make Power From Wind? The generator helps power houses, schools, and businesses
Egyptians used it to grind corn
People also use wind energy to pump water
People use windmills for energy. Pros of Using Wind as Energy Wind turbines are just as efficient as other types of plants
Its less expensive to construct than coal plants
The cost of producing wind energy has dropped
It is now the fastest growing energy technology in the world Wind Energy Cons * killed a lot of the wild bats and birds population
* windmills work only when the wind is at a certain speed
* produces very little energy
* visual impact
* makes a lot of noise
* interferes with television reception Different Types of Energy Consumption * heat production (furnace, stove)
* heat removal (AC, freezer)
* electricity production
* light production
* programmable thermostats
* water heating
* refrigerators
* washers
* dryers
* refining
* manufacturing
* cars
* trucks
* railroads
* planes Should we be Concerned About
Energy Consumption? Yes, because we are using energy much faster than it can be replaced. Also, it can become very expensive. Realistic Ways to Conserve Energy Unrealistic Ways to
Conserve Energy * turns machines off when not in use
* buy energy efficient appliances
* walk to school
* use public transportation
* combine errands into one trip delete your Facebook account
only wear one outfit per week
write letters instead of talking on the phone
stop listening to music
shower no more than twice a week. Our Opinions You should try to conserve energy but it's not a really big deal... Thanks for Watching!!
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