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ELA 2 Course Overview 2015

No description

Jeremy Wouda

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of ELA 2 Course Overview 2015

ELA 2 Course Overview 2015
Secondary English Language Arts is the most exciting course you will take in your high school career. Guaranteed!
3 Competencies
Competency 1: Talk

Competency 2: Reading

Competency 3: Production
Class Expectations
- No hats in classrooms
- No electronic devices
- No food or drink (except water) in
classrooms during classtime

Class Expectations
- Be on time
- Speak and listen in English
- Respect yourself and the other members of the class
- Complete all homework and assignments on time

Due Date Guide Lines
1. Due dates are final.

2. Any assignment not handed in by 11:59:59 p.m. of the due date will receive a percentage mark of 0 and will not be graded.

3. Contact Mr. Wouda for an extension by e-mail or Facebook the day before an assignment is due. Extensions will not be refused.

4. Mr. Wouda will determine the length of the extension.

5. The best way to avoid receiving a 0 for missing an assignment due date is by handing your work in on time.
Books we'll read
STUFF You'll Need
Assorted pens and pencils
2 non-spiral 40-50 page notebooks
Loose leaf note paper (200 pack)
3 ring binder
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