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Plot Analysis

No description

Nicole Perilli

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Plot Analysis

Plot Analysis: Overview
Melinda faces difficulties on a daily basis with attempting to deal with what happened on the night of the summer party; being raped by a guy named Andy Evans. She encounters obstacles along the way, but in the end result, Melinda regains her courageousness and eventually speaks.

Internal Conflict: The Change
When Melinda is placed in a threatening situation, she finally conquers her internal and emotional battle by speaking up. She yells and solves the situation by overcoming her fear.

External Conflict
Melinda has trouble with socializing with others and is seen as an outcast to those who surround her. Everyone she was previously friends with is angry with her for calling the cops at the party, therefore they ignore her completely.

External Conflict: The Change
One of Melinda's previous friends, Rachel, finally believes her about Any Evans; that everything Melinda said about him was true. This allows Melinda to obtain her friendship back. Heather and a few other people begin talking to her again after they heard about what happened, which solves the issue of Melinda recovering emotionally and socially.

Internal & External: Conclusion
In the end, Melinda solves her internal and external conflicts that occur throughout the novel. She develops in every aspect: emotionally, academically, and socially.
Internal Conflict
Melinda does not have the courage to speak up or tell anyone about what happened to her; she keeps all of her emotions to herself. Containing all of her feelings become a problem.

Plot: Speak
Melinda begins her freshman year of high school and is seen as an outcast since she has no friends; she cannot seem to fit into any cliques. They have all ignored her because she called the cops at the end-of-summer party: MAN vs SOCIETY

Rising Action
Mashed potatoes are thrown at Melinda in the cafeteria while she is walking to find a seat. The entire lunchroom begins laughing at her: MAN vs SOCIETY
Melinda is constantly annoyed by the ongoing snow: MAN vs NATURE
Heather stops being her friend, and Rachel does not believe what Melinda told her: MAN vs MAN
Melinda keeps running into Andy and does everything possible to try to avoid him: MAN vs MAN
Andy Evans goes into the closet that Melinda is in and attempts to rape her again. However, this time Melinda faces her fear and makes the decision to speak up; therefore saving herself from him: MAN vs MAN & SELF vs SELF
Falling Action
Melinda has accepted the fact that she cannot change what happened, and it is time to speak up and share what happened on that summer night: SELF vs SELF
After Melinda yells in the closet, the lacrosse team shows up
Melinda finishes creating her tree art project
Melinda speaks to Mr. Freeman
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