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Odyssey Travel Brochure

No description

Sydney Woods

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Odyssey Travel Brochure

Odyssey Travel Brochure
By: Sydney Woods

The Odyssey Cruise Line
The Sydney Cruise Line
The Sunshine Voyage
The Cruise's voyage is about 6 months
950 dollars to go on this wonderful cruise
Please call (1-800) 867-5309 if you are intrested to go on this beautiful cruise
More places to go
The Island Of The Sirens- This Mysterious Island is where Odysseus and his men sailed passed. The sirens were three women who lured men to the land causing their ship to wreak by the jagged rocks surrounding the land. Odysseus made all his crew put wax in their ears and tie themselves to the ship mast. The ship safely is sailed away from there.

The Mystical Creature Of Scylla- Odysseus sailed safely passed the creature, but the Scylla ate six of his men.
More Places
The Gigantic Creature Charybdis- This creature was a sea creature that could sink their whole ship, but Odysseus sailed passed it safely
The Land of Helios- Odysseus and his crew were warned not to eat Helios, or the sun god's cattle but they did anyways. It angered Helios severely So if I were you I wouldn't eat the cattle..
Facts on Odysseus's Travels
Polyphemus was the name of the Cyclops that Odysseus blinded
Circe and Odysseus had a child, named Telegonus
Odysseus was the only survivor of the journey
Polyphemus trapped the crew in the cave by putting a boulder infront of the door.
Odysseus started his journey at Troy
Places to go
The Island of Calypso- This splendid island was where Calypso held Odysseus for seven whole years!

The Island of the Lotus eaters- On this wonderful island where Odysseus and his crew visited, they ate Lotus fruit and the Lotus fruit made them forget everything, including their homes and families until Odysseus managed to rescue everyone. (So I suggest that you not eat any Lotus fruit)

The Land of the Cyclops- This Island is where Odysseus and his men got stuck in the Cyclops cave. In order to get out of the cave they had to blind the Cyclops and get out of the cave by latching on under the sheep.
The Wonderful Home Of Circe- The beautiful home of Circe was where Circe invited Odysseus's crew to eat and when the crew got done eating she turned them to swines! When Odysseus when to save them, the ended up staying about a year.

The land of the Dead- Odysseus and his men go there to talk to the blind prophet, Tiresias. When trying to find her, he ends up seeing that many spirits roam there, including his mother. When Odysseus finds the prophet, she tells him he will get home

More Places to go!
A Creature Odysseus faced
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