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Daniel Tomasini

on 12 October 2009

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Transcript of ttt

Collaborative interfaces
for Supporting Group Activities Daniel Tomasini tomasini@fbk.eu
I3 RU head: Massimo Zancanaro
Group Activities Small group (2-6 participants) tasks
Therapeutic tasks
Collaborative learning apps
Teamwork simulations
Brainstorming and meeting in general
Board (and card) games
Supporting Collaborative Tasks Designing group interaction
Digitalizing in real-time the meeting’s content
Structuring the group work flow
providing rules and constraints
Focusing on group dynamics
Multiuser shared graphic interfaces

Using Multi-touch screens allowing parallel contribution by participants
Ad hoc software technology An Example of group application Know-how from research activities tabletop HW/SW prototypes since the 2003
teamwork and educational scenarios Specific focus on supporting co-located collaborative activities
Co-located teamwork
Therapeutic tasks
Several prototypes developed on research projects

The NewCo project
A Company for design and develop group interaction solutions Mainly software custom solutions
- but also provide simple customize hardware
To Develop some strategic applications compatible with third part hardware (e.g., MS Surface)
- For an higher products distribution

Daniel Tomasini will be into the newCo staff
Going on with the relationship between the newCo and the FBK-i3 research unit to maintain the state of the art and allow future collaborations
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