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Neighborhood Stabilization: Broadmoor Model

Chicago Workforce Housing Panel Discussion

Letitia Clark George

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Neighborhood Stabilization: Broadmoor Model

A Need: Broadmoor Neighborhood Association A Success -Over 20 homes renovated and placed back into commerce
-Over 40 homes repaired
-Over a dozen homeowners received closing cost assistance from the REALTORS(R)
-Neighborhood leadership running for office
-Solidified Partnerships with Neighborhood Associations,
City of New Orleans & Philanthropic Community
Same Model being replicated in Gentilly and Bywater Neighborhoods "One Neighborhood at a Time" New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS(R) Workforce Housing Program for
First Responders Hurricane Katrina
-City Wide Devastation
-Massive Blight
-Higher Living Expenses
-Limited Jobs Available
-Decrease in Essential Workforce 1st Responder Homebuyer Program A Solution: -The Broadmoor Neighborhood
- Latoya Cantrell and the Broadmoor Development Corporation
-$80,000 Ira Gribin Grant for Closing Cost Assistance
-$20 million in grants to build and renovate homes from partners such as: Ford Foundation, Salvation Army, Harvard University, and the Brown Foundation The City of New Orleans Soft Second Program
Limitation of Grant Funds to City Employees A Challenge Funding
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