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Cohousing Presentation

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Shannon Dyck

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Cohousing Presentation

Nov. 5, 2015
Sources: livewellcohousing; republic-denton; prairie sky cohousing, shannon dyck
Sources: LiveWellCohousing; PrettyGoodAtLife;
TheFigureGroundStudio; Ripples2Waves
Sources: SlowFoodTriangle; MGABC; SouthernStates; CastleOfCostamesa
Sources: PlaceMakingChicago; TYFPC; ClutterInClarityOut; UoGuelph; OldTownFloweryBranch
Sources: OpenIdeo; Shannon Dyck
Source: www.cohousing.ca
Source: CohousingOrg
Sources: 4bpblogspot; CohousingOrg
Source: google maps
What is Cohousing?
Private Homes & Common Space
Diverse Designs
Group Activities, Sharing Economy
Planned, designed, owned, and managed by residents.

Decisions made through consensus.
Work together.
Play together.
Trust each other.
In Canada, there are 10 complete, 7 in development, and at least 8 forming.
Jan Gudmand-Hoyer
The Missing Link between Utopia and the Dated One-Family House.
-published 1968.
First Cohousing Developments in Denmark
Choose builder
Building permit
Shovels in the ground

Edible landscaping
Rain water capture
Green roof (garage)
Cold room
Community garden (Optimist Park)
Passive House
Shared Yard
Common House
Shared workshop
Why Cohousing?
Radiance Cohousing
Corner of 18th Street & Avenue L
15kWh/m2/year for space heating
(compared to Canadian average of 150kWh/m2/year)

Achieved through:
air tightness (0.6 air changes per hour)
air quality (ERV provides continuous fresh air)
super insulation (R65)
appropriate form & solar orientation
Next Steps
Sources: StillWaterSeniorCohousing; Shannon Dyck
Sources: Shannon Dyck & BLDG Studio
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