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Simon Bolivar

History of Simon Bolivar.

Kumba Ya

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Simon Bolivar

Born in Caracas, Venezuela
on July 24, 1783 and died
on December 17, 1830.
He was known as
"El Libertador". Bolivar helped the Hispanic
America's to the success in
the struggle for independence
from the Spanish Empire. Bolivar gave people ideas of liberty, enlightenment and freedom. Bolivar came to power
when he was given a
military command in
the army. He remained
in power from 1813-1828.
One of his famous wars
that he contributed in was
Decree of War to the Death which was in 1813. A Step Into History Simon Bolivar's Adventures Simon Bolivar Bolivar impacted others
from different countries
to gain freedom. He helped free Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. His full name was Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar Palacios y Blaco. Simon Bolivar wrote the Bolivian Constitution of 1826 Siomon was born into a rich and wealthy family that owned rich and copper mines in Venezuela. Simon lost both of his parents by the age of nine and was left with his uncle "Don Carlos Palacios" When Bolivar was in spain he met "Maria Teresa Rodriguez del Toro y Alaysa" whom he married in 1803. When they returned to Venezuela in 1803, Maria Teresa died of yellow fever. When Simon traveled to Spain at the age of 16 to finish his education, he praised the French and American revolution. Years after his wife died ,Bolivar decided to return to Europe and while he was there he met Alexander von Humboldt and told him, "In truth, what a brilliant fate that of the New World, if only its people were freed of their yoke". War... Simon Bolivar was in many battles in the Spanish Revolution Freind or Foe? Simon Bolivar spent time with Napoleon and James Bonaparte His Impact Simon has influenced many modern Latin American Politics and still to this day Manuela Saenz was Simon Bolivar’s longstanding love of life. She was instrumental in saving his life from imminent death in the year 1815. Interesting Fact In Bolivia and Venezuela, they celebrate Simon Bolivar's Birthday as a Holiday. Interesting Fact After meeting with another liberator in 1822, Bolivar became the dictator of Bolivia.
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