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No description

Anja Kro

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of YouTube

Warm-Up Questions
YouTube is...
Question Time
Andrew Tolson - A New Authenticity?
How do you use YouTube?
... a video sharing platform
Who is the most subscribed YouTuber?
How many subscribers does he have?
Discussion Questions
Are YT videos spontaneous and or genuine?
Are YouTubers and their viewers on the same level?
Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
What was the viral quality of LG15? Why was the channel so popular?
Oprah Winfrey controversy: authentic host or constructed persona?
Who of you watches more video material online than on TV?
What differentiates YouTube from other forms of media ?
... the 2nd largest search engine

... the 3rd most viewed website worldwide
... used for entertainment

... a source for instruction

... a site of
participatory culture
(Jenkins 2006)
US$1.65 billion
A Brief History of YouTube
YT is not like watching TV!
Authenticity through conversation, direct address, amateurishness
"Ordinary experts"
YT as source of instruction (tutorials)
Vlogging as YouTube participation (conversational character through comments)
Are YouTubers more approachable than other famous people? Why/ Why not?
Do you think YouTubers are famous for 'doing nothing'?
Are we part of the post-TV era?
Can a person be genuine on camera?
What did the case of LG15 show about the authenticity of YouTube?
How would you have felt if you had watched LG15 from the beginning?
More than 300 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
According to a survey, YouTubers are more popular than mainstream celebrities among teenagers. (Variety, 2014)
The average viral video is 180 sec long.
YouTube has more than 1 billion users.
Almost half of YouTube's traffic comes from mobile devices.
The average American watches 265 videos per month.
A YouTuber on
"YouTube Culture"
Discussion Question
Robert Springer -
Video Vanguards: Marketing with the Web's Elite Entertainers
strategic planning:
YT as a serious advertising & marketing platform
2014: turning point; Disney's acquisition of Maker Studious ($1 billion)
The best brand/creator partnerships leverage the creators' popularity in their area of expertise.
popularity with the coveted age 18-34 demographic
vehicle to reach consumers
Why do many YouTubers pursue career paths in traditional media?
Why is YouTube attractive for companies? Why do brands want to work with YouTubers?
What do YouTubers gain from sponsorship deals with companies?
Teamwork #1
Zoella's Ghostwriting Scandal
Writing Process of "Girl Online 2"

Advertising Controversy
Discussion Questions
Concluding Discussion
Do these new regulations affect the YouTuber/viewer relationship? If so, how? If not, why not?
What do you think about the introduction of new regulations that compel YouTubers to declare sponsored videos? Do you think the new standards are going too far?

Do collaborations with brands taint the picture of 'ordinary experts'?

Is a video that has been sponsored still art? Does it have cultural value?
Is YT a platform that provides access to culture, or a platform that enables consumers to participate as producers?
"The ASA can’t actually officially enforce its rules, because it is a non-statuary organization.
However, there are several methods they can utilize if YouTubers refuse to follow the rules.
They can generate bad publicity, fine offenders via the Office of Fair Trading, and even pressure advertisers to not advertise unless the adverts have been vetted by a team."
Does this change your answers to the previous questions?
Discussion Questions
Does it matter that Zoella's book "Girl Online" was ghostwritten? Why/Why not?
How is it different from another celebrity having a ghostwriter?
Why is using a ghostwriter different from having help creating a beauty range?
As Zoe had the idea of the characters and the storyline of the book, but another person helped her write it, is it still her book? Should her ghostwriter's name be on the cover?
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