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An Investigatory Project of Tuba-tuba Extract as Termite Repellent and Toxicant

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Francis Raven Evangelista

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of An Investigatory Project of Tuba-tuba Extract as Termite Repellent and Toxicant

An Investigatory Project of Tuba-tuba extract as Termite Repellant and Toxicant Proponents:
Charles Bagao
Raven Evangelista
Kent Malalis Termites are the common pests around our neighborhood. The can build a colony in a short period of time. To prevent these pests from causing and infestation, we decided to conduct a study that provide solution to the problem.
We are aiming to produce a solution that would prevent termites from consuming wood structures and furniture. The extract that contains ethyl alcohol prevented the infestation and terminated the termites.
The significance of our study is to contribute on the environmental issues concerning on infestation of wood structures and create a accessible wood treatment solution for adults.
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