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Conflict in Hatchet

No description

Bo Palmer

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Conflict in Hatchet

Man vs. Man
An example of man vs. man in
is on pg. 8 when Brian is disagreeing with his mom about his dad and not liking the hatchet. This conflict is external because it's not happening in anyone's mind. It affects the story because he's thinking about this the entire time, and it puts him in different moods throughout the story.
Conflict in
Hatchet By: Bo Palmer

Man vs. Self
An example of man vs. self in
was when Brian was cutting himself on page 112. This is internal because he is doing this with himself. This affects the story because afterwords he promises never to go into that "dark place" again and works hard to not lose hope.
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. nature takes place in
on page 34 when Brian is attacked by the mosquitos. This is external conflict because it's happening in the real world and not in someones head. This affects the story because at first they annoy him and hurt him, but when he gets fire they go away.
Man vs. Society
Man vs. society is on page 6 in
when Brian is hating the lawyers and judges. This is external because it's not happening in someones mind. This affects the story because Brian is thinking about the courts and his parents divorce throughout the story.
Man vs. Machine
Man vs. machine is found in
on page 24 when the planes engine dies and Brian crashes into the Canadian wilderness. This is external because it isn't happening in someones mind. It affects the story because Brian has to use the small amount of skills he knows to crash land the plane and not die. He also in the end gets the survival kit from the plane.,
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