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When the Butterflies Came

No description

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of When the Butterflies Came

The Genre of the book is Fiction
The characteristics of this Genre:

The butterflies have special, magical, and unique abilities.
Most Important thing I learned
The most important thing I learned from the book was to make sure you can trust someone you know, love, and rely on.
Main Characters
The main characters are Tara, Riley,
Butler Reginald, Erial C, and Grammy Claire.
Main Settings
The Doucet Manor, Grammy Claires Mansion, and Grammy Claires Beach House.
Problem and Solution
Problem: Tara was finding notes from her Grammy Claire. She had to keep the notes safe. It was a matter of life and death. Yet, she had to trust the notes when she wasn't even sure they were from her Grammy Claire.
The Climax was when Tara hears her Grammy Claires will.

[FWI: It was fake.]
When the Butterflies Came
By: Kimberly Griffiths Little
Solution: The notes lead to her Grammy Claire. Someone tries to kill Tara to get her Grammy Claires research. Thankfully she was saved by her mother.
Tara opened the door. A strange Butler was standing there waiting to take Tara and her sister Riley to their Grammy Claires mansion. Their Grammy Claire had died a year before. Once Tara got there she found a box of Keys and started finding notes. Then Butterflies started following her. Soon the notes led to 4 plane tickets to the Islands of Chuuk in Micronesia. So of course they went. There she met nice people and found more notes that led to a secret place. It had all of her Grammy Claires research about Nipwisipwis. The next day Tara was on the beach. She saw a strange woman that had been following her for a while. She ran over and pulled off her wig. It was her dear Grammy Claire who was supposed to be dead. Her Grammy Claire told her she used the name Erial C because that her name spelled backwards. Erial C - Claire
Nipwisipwis - Butterflies
The End
I would recommend this book to a friend because you learn a great life lesson of Family, Friends, and love.
Islands of Chuuk, Micronesia
FWI: It's a real place.
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