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business plan

340 final

Ayse Mente

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of business plan

1.Market demand analysis a. Target customer Students
teenagers Children b. Statistics analysis: + 68%: like drinking fruit juice / 32%: indifferent
+ 3 out of 5 people asked go out to have juice fruit drinks one to three times a week.
+ Children: 77%: like / 33%: dislike
+ 3 out of 5 children asked are taken to the fruit shop from two to four times a week. c. Market trends’ prediction + Sanitary inspection of the fruits
+ Delicious tastes and reasonable prices.
+ Nice shop’s appearance.
+ Good service with polite and helpful shop assistants.
+ Convenient location Marketing Plan •Between Russia and Serbia, there is an customs union agreement. Tax rates are %1. Turkey and Russia tax rates are %20.
•Serbia close to Europe and Russia.
•Government resorted the factory, established waste treatment facilities, pay the 6 month salaries of workers.
•Government established electricity facilities of factory.
•Cost of energy is lower than Turkey about %50.
•Costs of employees are lower than Turkey.
•Education level is high.
•Serbia has textile experience in the past.
•Serbian government paid %60 of the construction •Possible future political and social risks.
•Risk of increase in labor cost commensurate to the economic development of the region in the future. •Generous investment and employment incentives. •Expectation of comprehensive economic crisis in Europe and in the rest of the world STRENGTHS WEAKNESS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS 3.SWOT Financial Plan 1.Revenue forecast: The following tables and graph illustrate the financial goals of the Company. Welcome to our presentation START-UP BUSINESS PROJECT:
"Jeanci Serbia" _Group 10_ Operation Plan 1.Address Tekstilna 57. 16000 Leskovac – Serbia 2.Operational plan Management Team In our company we need 9 different departments, there are;
• Marketing & Merchandising
• Fabric Warehouse
• Accessories Warehouse
• Quality & Assurance
• Sampling & Pattern Department
• Planning Department
• Production Department
• Administrative and Logistics Department
• Import & Export Department 1.Market demand analysis a.Target customer Young male-female
adults Teenagers b.Market analysis Considering the population of 123 million in Russia as the potential market, the significant of the project will be more apparent
Today the rate of charge in fashion is tremendous
Today, the seasonal characteristics were disappearing and habits are changing every year the in the world. Business Plan - Group 10 Competition The competition is considered in two groups. One is the competition between the companies in a country producing the same product and other competition with foreign producers. The distinction is mainly made because of high cost of labor. Valued Turkish Lira and low exchange rate also play significant role in this regard The capacity of the new premises to be constructed in Serbia will be about 600.000 pieces per year in the first year of establishment. the production in regard to the full capacity of 1.800.000 pieces is planned

In second year we the ready-made garment manufacturing plant will be in the form of integrated works mainly consisted of the departments for textile washing and piece dyeing. Products will be processed for cutting, sewing, washing and packaging operations in a day

250 persons will be employed in first year to utilize the anticipated capacity of the premises in Serbian conditions. Second year and following years employed person will increase to 750. We estimate that the cost of this investment for such premises will be EUR 2.500.000;

•Cutting machines EUR 50,000
•Sewing machines EUR 250,000•Washing machines EUR 750,000
•Control, ironing, packaging EUR 150,000
•Building establishment(%60 percent paid by Serbian government), 500.000
•Waste treatment facilities(paid by Serbian government), steam boiler and other energy equipment(%60 percent paid by Serbian government). EUR 200.000
•General business capital EUR 600,000 Design and Development Plan Our business will be started in rented factory. We avoid to make investments to buying a land or a factory.
Serbian government ready to give us a factory which will be resorted. Serbian government also pays 6 month salaries to our employees and they established waste treatment facilities.
Also the structure of the new plant will be established in order to make 100% organic textile production available.
For achieving this goal the waste water that is a result of laundry and piece dyeing processes has to be purified before it will be delivered to the environment. Executive Summary Jeanci Konfeksiyon Tekstil San.ve Tic. A.. is engaged in the manufacture of ready-made garment with high degree of value added by making use of in particular denim (jean) fabric, including numerous woven fabric (gabardine, canvas, poplin) that are subjected to cutting, sewing and other processes specific to confectionary processes, including industrial washing (laundry) and piece dyeing. As a result of ever-changing economic conditions and customers’ needs social responsibility practices are being developed continuously. In response to this the company intended to increase its production capacity by establishing an integrated manufacturing plant which will be operated under the framework of the SA8000 social responsibility.
The new investment of the company will be established at Leskovac located at northern region part of Serbia. Industry Analysis World Our new entrepreneurship The world clothing and textile industry - encompassing clothing, textiles, and footwear and luxury goods - reached almost $2,560 trillion in 2010, according to Market line. The apparel, luxury goods and accessories portion of the market, which accounts for over 55% of the overall market, is expected to generate $3,180 billion in 2015, with a yearly growth rate in excess of 4%. Our new entrepreneurship is about Textile sector. In Turkey, textile is one of the strongest business sectors in Turkish economy. We will serve in denim sector in Balkan region.

After diffuse of Yugoslavia, new countries appear such as Macedonia, Crotia, Serbia etc. Yugoslavia was like Europe’s production camp. The population in Balkan’s know Textile and they have experience about it. After the war in Balkan’s most of the facilities has damaged. Government’s in Balkan’s decided to give incentive to foreign investor’s to develop their countries. Company Description In 2009, the company’s established as Jeanci Konfeksiyon Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S.
The company is mainly engaged in the production of custom made washed textile garments on behalf of its customer under their own brands.
The products are mainly made by using denim (jean fabric) as well as by using other types of woven fabrics such as canvas, gabardine, satin, poplin, etc., and they are subjected to textile washing, piece dyeing and other value-adding processes to get final product.
100% of the products are being exported, majority of which are being sent to European countries. The Economics
of the Business As it is provided under the financial
statements enclosed; by the date of 30/09/2011; Financial assumptions regarding to
the investment in the city of Leskovac, SERBIA The financial outlook of our
company is as follows During the period between 01/01/2011 and 30/09/2011, our company produced 1.050.000 pieces of sportswear garments. Overall proceeds of the exports of the products produced have been EUR 19,000,000 Considering the delivery dates of the product inventory, end-of-year proceeds will turn out to be
EUR 22,500,000 Gross margin will be 21%.
In a 9-month period by the date of 30.09.2011, our company generated EUR 670,000 profit after tax. Our end of 2011 profit after tax will be EUR 820,000 Overall corporate liquid assets amounts to EUR 7,200,000 and total fixed assets EUR 790,000 In the same period, short term payables amounts to EUR 6,790,000 Long Term Payables EUR 98,000 and Equity Capital EUR 1,109,530
The pledge of EUR 795,000 is given for the portion of corporate payables, remaining being under the personal guarantees of our shareholders. The production volume in the first year after the investment in Serbian is considered as 600.000 pieces.
In the 2nd year and on, the production in regard to the full capacity of 1.800.000 pieces is planned.
End of the 1st year profit before tax will be EUR 570,000 Income after tax is 484.500.
End of the 2nd profit before tax will be EUR 2,460,000 Income after tax is 2.091.000 We estimate that the cost of this investment for such premises will be EUR 2.500.000 This project is made by;

Alican NAMLI
Büsra ACAR
Damla URAY
Yaprak UÇAR
Thanks for Listening The customers will be able to have access to widely preferred Turkish made blue jeans and sport pants at more reasonable prices.
Those customers who operate in Russian market will be able to supply to their customers by expensing symbolic customs duty rate of 1% upon ordering as Serbian origin.
The premises will in particular be golden opportunity for those Turkish wholesaler/brand companies now shifted to the supplier and entered in Russian market after engaged in manufacturing. The products of these premises will be provided under SA8000* standards that will provide extremely significant advantage to be preferred over their rivals.

These standards definitely call for the highest level to be achieved as much as possible in regard to social responsibility practices and work safety and worker health in the production.
The sale price is determined as $15 per unit.

The SA8000 standard and verification system is a credible, comprehensive and efficient tool for assuring humane workplaces. According to our plans we prepared our balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement. We have these results; Balance Sheet Income Statement Cash Flow Statement We plan the attain our goals follows;
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