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Basic Diode Electronics

No description

Benjamin Khoo

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Basic Diode Electronics

Basic Diode Electronics
Rectifier and Zener diodes.
Rectifier and Filter Circuit results
The lab manual stated that frequency, f is the ripple frequency, however we can show that the frequency to be used should be the AC source frequency instead.
Zener Diodes
Zener Diode results
Main function: Reverse breakdown
<Insert pretentious text>
Rectifier/Power diode
Main function: Unidirectional conductivity
Common components: IN4001 - IN4007; S1BB - S1KB
Rectifier and Filter Circuits
PC2193 presentation
Benjamin Khoo Wei Jie
Basic Diode Electronics
Doping of semiconductors
Semiconductor band gap
P-N junction
Ideal diode
PN junction under applied voltage
Applet does not showcase breakdown
PN junction under strong reverse bias
Breakdown mechanisms
Zener effect
Avalanche effect
AC rectifier circuits
OR gate
AND gate
Shunt regulator
AC shunt regulator
What if the PN junction was more heavily doped?
Single capacitor filter
-Section Filter
single capacitor filter,
pi-section filter,
Single capacitor filter
-Section Filter
Importance of ballast resistor
Voltage regulation with reverse breakdown...
Why not with forward bias?
Forward bias
Reverse bias
Forward bias has a less steep slope, hence poorer regulation.
Forward bias voltage drop is more or less 0.7V, whereas zener diodes can be manufactured with almost any reverse breakdown voltage.
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