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An AVID project. (:

Alexandrea Dayao

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of AVID

Cornell Notes AVID Binder What is Cool about Our School? C-Notes
Binders (Organization)
Notebook Checks
Essays (Peer/teacher edits, drafts, brainstorming, etc.)
Projects (Websites/Prezis)
College Applications
Guest Speakers (Colleges, professions, etc.)
Speeches (Helps with public speaking abilities)
Field Trips (Colleges/Universities)
Group Work (Collaboration, real world situations, group setting, etc.)
Group Discussions
Motivational Activities
Goal Setting (Reflections, and evaluations) A Teacher's Perspective Tutorials (TRF'S) Higher ordered questions
No yes/no answers
Requires an explanation
Allows text, insight, and other resources Given the opinions of both teachers, and students, both AVID and other classrooms provides each of the more highly voted options.
incorporates real world examples within the classroom
embeds humor into daily discussions
encourages interactive activities
enforces deadlines
helps students become more responsible
teaches students to be more organized
encourages hands on activities
provides students with a comfortable yet academic working environment
does not permit unacceptable behavior AVID Strategies AVID Objectives What is AVID? Foster positive attitudes toward school and higher education
Help students become knowledgeable about colleges, develop a plan to get in college and apply to appropriate colleges and financial aid
support students in rigorous college preparatory programs and enroll students in honors, advanced placement and college classes
develop good study habits and academic survival skills such as note taking, essay writing, and time management
support students in maintaining a competitive GPA TRF's on Tuesday and Thursday! An in-school academic support program for students in grades 5-12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success. AVID's Mission: To ensure that ALL students:
1.Will succeed in rigorous curriculum,
2.Will complete a rigorous college preparatory path,
3.Will enter mainstream activities of the school,
4.Will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges,
5.Will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society. AVID- Advancement Via Individual Determination Strategies in Other Classes Lectures
Power points
Timed Writes/Essays
Guest Speakers
Group Work
Field Trips
Projects A Student's Perspective What methods do you use that you believe are most effective when teaching? A. Tie in real world examples while teaching
B. Group Discussions
C. Notes that follow with a thorough explanation
D. Ask questions to encourage deeper thinking and participation What "cool" or interesting things do you do to make class more fun or entertaining? A. Use things that force students to interact and participate (ex: name drawing)
B. Incorporate humor within the lesson
C. Use different forms of technology to explain a lesson
D. Encourage group activities What do you wish you could do more of in class? A. More creative activities
B. More interactive activities
C. More technology based activities
D. More travel based activities What activities should be emphasized to promote college readiness? A. Emphasize more essays
B. Stricter deadlines
C. Less leniency with disorganization and irresponsibility
D. Less tolerance of misbehavior How do you learn best in class? A. Hands on activities
B. Group work
C. Individual attention
D. Presentations What are things your teacher does to make class more fun? A. Incorporate humor in daily discussion
B. Class interaction
C. Interesting projects
D. Nothing What would you like to see more of from your teachers? A. Less, lecturing, and more time to have discussions
B. More creative projects (ex: essays, presentations)
C. More organization
D. Better working environment (permits talking, listening to music, etc.) What activities should be emphasized to promote college readiness? A. Emphasize more essays
B. Stricter deadlines
C. Less leniency with disorganization and irresponsibility
D. Less tolerance of misbehavior Leaders TOMORROW AVID 10% of teachers were surveyed 10% of students were surveyed Reminder:
Binder Check on
Thursday. To Do List 5 College Applications 5 Scholarships SAT/ACT scores FAFSA Pin Learners TODAY :) AVID By Alexandrea Dayao and Rico Berrios
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