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The Second Article of the Consitution

The second Article of the Constitution explains the Executive Branch of the United States; led by the President.

Lana Monroe

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Second Article of the Consitution

The Second Article of the Constitution explains the Executive Branch, which is led by the President. Main Responsibility Of The Executive Branch Who is The Head of the Executive Branch? The Vice President What if the President, or head of the Executive branch is Impeached, has resigned, or has passed away? The President, and Vice President, are responsible for enforcing Federal Laws, according to the Second Article of the Constitution. The Head of The Executive Branch and his/her Responsibilities The Executive Branch What are the Responsibilities of the Head of the Executive Branch? What does the Vice President do? The Current President, Barack Obama, is the leader of the Executive Branch The Vice President is in charge of the Senate, or the President of the United States Senate. Chief Diplomat Head of State Chief Executive Commander in Chief Chief Executive Commander in Chief The President is the leader of the military. But the president is in charge of all the generals. Head of State Chief Diplomat Assistance of the President The Vice President can take over. To be President: There are requirements for becoming President. They are as followed:
You have to be over 35 years of age.
You have to be a BORN AMERICAN.
You have to have lived in The US for 14 years or more
You have to be a US citizen. The President supervises our government, and makes sure that the Congress is working more properly and harder in order to make a more perfect Union. Signs or vetoes Bills which become laws. The President appoints their closest advisers, or cabinet members, which are each in charge of different organizations in the Executive Branch. The President represents our nation to all other countries. He/she directs foreign policy, or the way we interact with other countries. The President appoints very important dignitaries, or ambassadors. The President is in charge of treaties, of coarse, with the approval of the Senate. The President Greets dignitaries who are appointed to America on important business related matters. The President represents our government on official functions, or events. Thanks for Watching.! Appoints federal judges, with the confirmation of the senate.
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