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Clayton Young

No description

Clayton Young

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Clayton Young

Leadership Goals
Clayton Young

Leadership Style
Hands Off:
Recognizes and utilizes the strengths
of others and helps others fulfill
their role.

Hands On:
Expects others to do only what
I would be willing to do.
Only accepts the best.

Personal Leadership
Organizational Leadership
Time Management
Take a greater leadership role in my relationship with Ashley through decision making and action.

1. Set "goodbye time" and enforce it for this semester.
2. Plan at least one date a week.
Lead one interval of the workout a week during track.
Global Leadership
Research one Presidential Candidate a week for 6 weeks and type up a bullet list of leadership qualities and points of view.
Coalinga, California
Yakima, Washington
American Fork, Utah
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