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This presentation shows the different types of persuasion.

Jennifer Carpenter

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of Persuasion

The Power of Persuasion Bandwagon Advertisers know that we want to
be popular and to be like everyone else. So they often advertise in a way that makes us think that everyone who is important has this product; therefore, we should too. Glamorous You Advertisers realize that we like to feel important
so they tell ys that their products will make us glamorous, sophisticated, or macho. Testimonial Movie stars or athletes
say they use these products. Just Plain Folks People just like us use these products. Showing you care Advertisers urge us to buy and give items to others that will truly show that we care-the more expensive the item, the more we must care! Don't get left out You will miss out if you don't get this product! It's only for a limited time! Good for you Advertisers know we
are concerned with ourselves
and that we want to be healthy
or fit so they promote their product
as being good for our health or well-being. Great Savings Get the most of your money!
We have the lowest prices!
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