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New York City

Traveling to see the city and plans of what to do once I get there

Hannah Boehme

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of New York City

New York City
Empire State Building Statue of Liberty This piece of artwork was a gift from the French as a memory of how the two countries were allies during the American Revolution. This was the tallest building in
the world until the World Trade
Center was constructed. It later became the tallest building
again, unfortunately, when the World
Trade Center was burned down. Times Square Known for being one of the busiest
places in the nation to visit. A spectacular place to go to on New
Year's Eve, joining with the approximate
million others in the Square. Places to go Restaurants to visit Iris Cafe Known as the best cafe,
serving wonderful concoctions
made in-house every day. Even serves traditional
breakfast and lunch foods
that make you hungary just
looking at the menu.
Hard Rock Cafe One of the biggest entertainment
places to visit Seats about 708 people 1800 square foot rock Shop! Checking In! Wyndham Garden Hotel Located in Town Square, is the newest
Hotel in that district. Location is in walking distance
from the Jacob Javits Center,
Madison Square Garden, and
Penn Station. This 4 Star hotel includes in-house
dining and a tenth-floor.
Terrace Bar. Transportation I will be flying to New York. Taxis and walking will
be how I get around
once I'm in the city. Home Again
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