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Performing Arts Schools

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Stephanie Lightbody

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Performing Arts Schools

Sources Performing Arts Schools were created so
that students could continue their traditional schooling while also improving their art skills.
Many students enter these schools with the intent of continuing on to a professional level of their art form. Mission Statement of MHSA

“To provide an educational experience which
enables all students to nurture their academic
and artistic talents to the fullest. Students will
develop critical thinking and problem-solving
skills, communicate effectively and become
proficient in the use of modern technology.” Performing Arts Schools Admission
Milwaukee High School of Performing Arts. 24 October
2012. http://www.milwaukeehighschoolofthearts.org

Milwaukee Public Schools. 30 November 2012.

Nolte Academy. Performing Arts Preschool. 30
November 2012. performingartspreschool.org
Tancharoen, K. (Director). (2009). Fame (Motion
picture). United States: MGM.

The Julliard School. 30 November 2012.

University of North Texas. "The History of Art

Education." 22 November 2012. http://art.unt.edu Visual Arts Formerly known as West Division Sr. High School
Created as a city-wide performing arts school in 1984 by the Milwaukee School Board
MHSA became a performing arts school because in 1977, the Milwaukee School Board was creating magnet schools in order to retain their population.
MHSA has grown from their original student body population of 120 students to their current population of almost 1000 students.
MHSA now offers creative a writing, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts program. MILWAUKEE HIGH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS MHSA admits by audition only.
Open Auditions
Audition requirements vary for each program
-Portfolios, Report Cards, Letters of Recommendation, Resumes
-Performance Overview of Performing Arts Schools Idea dates back to the Renaissance and music conservatories for children

Learning a trade alongside a general education

All levels available Prekindergarten-12th grade The Milwaukee High School of the Arts has a rigorous academic program.
English - 4 units
Social Studies - 3 units
Mathematics - 2 units
Science - 2 units
Health - .5 unit
Physical Education - 1.5 units
Foreign Language - 2-3 units, encouraged Academics Academics In addition to the academic curriculum, two hours are dedicated each day to the students' dedicated arts program.

The Honors program is available to students with courses including English 9, British Authors/English 10, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, and World History. "In the coming age of global communication and rapid technology advances, our society will value creative abilities as never before. Where educators once sought to develop the analytical "side" of creative children, the 21st century approach will develop the creative mind in tandem with the analytical mind, drawing out every child's full capabilities. Our next generation will instantly see the connections between science and art, music and math and will have the tools to move easily forward in a world that will reward new insight and creative problem solving." -Nolte Academy, Performing Arts Preschool Why Emphasize the Arts? Art Programs Theatre The MHSA Theatre program follows the creed of young artists working professionally. Students study all aspects of acting, scenic design, technical theatre, history, aesthetics and criticism during their MHSA career. Multiple productions in our three performance spaces allow students to apply their classroom learning in a real world environment.
Audition requirements: Report card, Resume, 1 minute monologue, 2 page essay Visual Arts Dance Music Creative Writing Audition Activity Step 1: Choose Your Major Dance
Creative Writing
Visual Arts
Theatre Audition Activity Step 2: Prepare your Audition Dance: Prepare a 15 second dance in the jazz, ballet or hip hop genre.

Creative Writing: Prepare a Thematic Haiku (3 lines, 7-5-7 Syllable Pattern)

Music: Sing a 15 second clip of a Holiday song or a 15 second drum solo using
your surroundings
Visual Arts: Complete a self-portrait

Theatre: Give a dramatic reading of the provided script MONOLOGUE "I can't believe that this is happening. No, not just
happening...happening again. One minute you're
living the life, on top of the world, then bam! You're sitting on your
front stoop, alone, trying to figure out where you went wrong." Audition Activity STEP 3: Pretend that your life dreams depend on the next 15-30 Seconds.

PERFORM! Boys and Girls: Boys:
-Cross-Country -Football
-Tennis Wrestling--Swimming -Baseball --Soccer -Track Girls:
-Bowling -Golf
-Basketball -Volleyball Extracurriculars: Athletics Extracurriculars: Productions Extracurriculars: Organizations -ACT-SO -Brothers of Kwanza
-Comedy Sportz -Courtyard Crew
-Debate -Fencing Club
-Forensics -Gallery
-Gospel Choir -Leadership Council
-LUNA -Mural Painting
-National Honor Society -Ocean of Soul DanceTeam-Photography Club -SOAR (Sisters of All Races)-Science Club -Tour de Force
-Yearbook Audition Requirements: Portfolio including 3-4 contrasting examples of original work that effectively demonstrates the writer, pen and any notes.

Audition Performance: Writer is given 1 hour to write 1-2 pages of writing. If poetry is chosen, 2 poems are necessary. One poem must show rhyme and rhythm. If the author is a playwright, a simple scene with dialogue and actions must be written The mission of the Milwaukee High School of the Arts Dance Department is to provide all dance students with a comprehensive study of dance as an art form and a profession.

Audition Requirements: Resume, Report Card, Dance Clothes
Dancers audition by taking part in a dance class with a portion at the ballet barre and a portion of the class learning a jazz/modern dance combination. Dancers are judged based on natural talent, body movements, etc. Dance Curriculum: Course work specific to this program include anatomy, nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, dance history, and writing for the professional dancer. • Students gain this skills and knowledge by taking special classes, communicating with other artists, and visiting galleries.
Audition Requirements: A Portfolio containing a self-portrait, a still life drawing, and a piece of their choice, a current report card and a letter of recommendation.10 minute creativity test, three minute contour drawing, and a 45 minute still life drawing based on three objects. Visual Arts Coursework:
Advanced Drawing and Painting
AP Art History
AP Studio Art
Art for Non-Majors
Art Foundations
Art Fundamentals
Art History Art Museum Satellite
Drawing and Designing
Graphic Techniques
Photographic Media
Principals of Drawing and Painting
Senior Studio Theatre Coursework:
The Ensemble Elements of The Stage
The Ensemble and Text Elements of Design
Scene Study 1 and 2 Safety, Tools and Construction
Design and Management Realism and Non- Realism
Musical Theatre Acting for the Radio Directing Technical Theatre 1and 2 Theatre Design
Sound and Film Studio Technology Design and Management Touring and Guest Artist Musical Theatre
Directing Showcase Senior Project/Recital Creative Writing Coursework:
Progressive coursework based on grade level
9th grade: Structure of Writing
10th grade: Study of British Literature
11th grade: Creative non-fiction
12 grade: Senior Studio Audition Requirements: Music Coursework: The music department at MHSA is designed to produce musicians ready for the competitive world or post-secondary music schooling. All musical paths at MHSA involve writing music and musical theory. There are many different music courses one can enroll in at MHSA. These include: Vocal, band, comprehensive musicianship, creative movement, development of music jazz/reading, ensemble instrumental, jazz improvision, music appreciation, opera workshop, orchestra, piano, and vocal keyboarding. Today's Presentation: Overview of Performing Arts Schools
History of Performing Arts Schools
Significance of Performing Arts Schools
Milwaukee High School of the Arts Letter of recommendation, copy of most recent report card, solo from the Wisconsin State Music Association list.

Additional elements of the audition:
Band: B-flat concert scale and a brief interview
Voice: may also sing To the Sky by Carl Strommen and a brief interview
Piano: two-octave C and D Major scales, sight-reading, and brief interview
Strings: may also play Suzuki #3 book, Violin: 2 octave D Major All others: 2 octave G Major
Jazz: Solo using pentatonic scale over a 12-bar blues pattern. Drums: prepare swing, bossa nova, rock, funk, and Latin beats Local Example
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