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My family


samuel ackley

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of My family

thats kinda like us three kids and two parents My family My Brother my brother its funny because i remember when isaac picked me up from school when he was deliverin pizza at his job when he gave the pizza to the girl he asked for her number and then the dad started shooting he ran to the car and recked it about a block away then he lost his license.............................. JUST KIDDING hes sixteen his name is isaac his birthday was last wendsday two days ago MOM DAD brother sister My Sister my sisters pretty cool her birthday was wendesday to my brother and sister both have the same birth day on the same day five years apart shes 11 shes five four
foot something My MOM shes 28 again, shes christian shes pretty cool, i mean i like her. shes 28 again My Mother shes funny my mom and dad
are still together My dad he likes fishing , hunting ,
he goes golfing, hes got this
23 ft boat that hes
proud of and he likes my mom.......... Me well i like movies i have one pet hes a racoon his name is coon evey body loves him but he trys to eat any animal that comes near him im cool at least i think so I have three kids of my own oldest one is sammy davis junier hes six but he thinks hes twenty and ,anjie is four shes acts like a drama queen and ,the youngest one samantha but every body calls her sambo
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