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2011 Social Recruiting Strategy

No description

Brian Kohlbeck

on 10 November 2010

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Transcript of 2011 Social Recruiting Strategy

outcomes for today why social media?
ly blog results
social media apprach
the tools
your role
support social media approach + experienced hires schools & alt channels no longer used goal: branding
short, informative cultural "news"
news, links, pics, videos, events
UR and recruiting teams are contributors goal: inform and attract
focused on company, finance, community
candidate information hub
(videos, presentations, webinars, podcasts, etc.)
content managed by editors and community of contributors the tools & their roles content ideas concerts (Good Charlette) (pics), bby events/speakers (will.i.am)
twin cities news (e.g healthiest city)
campus visits with pics
videos of campus presentations
volunteer activities
current business topics and how finance is supporting
what will I do as a finance intern
rotational program - what is it
best buy benefits
corporate campus
living in the Twin Citites
INTERACTIVITY IS KEY!!! BLOGS ARE NOT DIARIES!!! fb examples in just 5 months...
1900 visitors
4100 visits
15000 page views
3+ pages per visit
5+ min avg Time on site

25 percent of visitors visited 6 or more times! ly blog results full time hire
campus visits and interviews 2nd round interviews wash u case competition intern campus visits and interviews 2nd round interviews Deloitte New Zealand http://on.fb.me/b0JLgO Google http://on.fb.me/akwgAn AT&T http://on.fb.me/aCn3Fo blog examples Microsoft http://microsoftjobsblog.com/ Google http://bit.ly/6Fx4b6 Zappos http://blogs.zappos.com/ communication guidelines use common sense and
"don't do anything stupid" fb site tour our blog is evolving... FROM TO BBY branding + improved look/feel
hope to launch this week!! 5 Tips for Getting Ready for College Recruiting in 2011 blog site tour http://bestbuyfinanceblog.com/ your support team Craig Sells & Joe Hildebrand
Blog Editors

John Mooney & Adam Senkyr
Blog Tech Support

Social Media Guy
BK what do you need to do? promote the blog - email signature, biz card, conversations
use the blog when at schools - overview + presentation
actively enage with facebook - don't just lurk
give content ideas to blog editors
Alt Channels team should lead the way with technology Best Buy Finance - Social Recruiting Is Social Media a Fad? but...
ty vs ly our results are down 50% QUESTIONS? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Best-Buy-Finance-MBA-Recruiting/281262010092 (web events, live chats, virtual job fairs, etc.) Don’t ever comment on:
- Competitors
- Sales expectations
- Category-specific results and sales
- Financials (competitive information)
- Product Service or replacement Plans (competitive information)
- Pending legal action
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