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Alysse Atwell

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Track

& Field

776 BC- Ancient Olympic Games
Stade or Stadion- only event
200 yards in distance
Revolved around Greek mythology
halted wars
swear oaths to Zeus that they accurately prepared for Games
Terminated by early Christians
1896- resurrected with more events

Indoor Season- 50m, 55m, 300m
Outdoor Season- 100m, 200m, 400m
Requires high bursts of energy & fast feet movement
Light footsteps
400 meter run
Longest sprinting event
"Coasting"- a way to conserve energy for another final burst of speed
Possess excellent endurance & can drive forward in the end for a finishing kick
Pack Leader- wears down its competitors by starting out in a strong early pace
Pack Runner- follows behind competitors & pushes to first in the last 200m or 300m
Long Distance
5,000m, 10,000m, half marathon, & the marathon (26 miles)
High Jump
Must clear a cross bar that is on 2 upright standards about 4m apart
Fosbury Flop- clears cross bar backfacing the bar
invented by Dick Fosbury in 1968
Receives 3 tries
Pole Vault
Clear a higher cross bar with the assistance of a fiberglass pole
Usually very slim, above average running speed, strong shoulders, & very flexible
Long Jump
Requires the athlete to sprint down a runway & fling themselves off the board in the sandpit
Athletes receive 3 tries
Discus- a steel rimmed hardwood or metal platter
Hold flat against the palm & forearm of the athlete's throwing arm
Spin around in a circle & throw the discus out with a whipping motion of their arm
3 attempts
Another form of a sprinting event
sprint to the finish line while clearing a series of 10 hurdles
Indoor Season- 55m hurdles
Outdoor Season- 100m-110m high hurdles, 300m intermediate hurdles, 400m low hurdles
require sprinting strength, coordination, & balance
Play or compete in their desired sport
MUST attend scheduled practices & training sessions
Follow a special diet
Work irregular hours
evenings, weekends, holidays
More than 40 hours week during sports season
Annual wage = $43,740
Teach both amateur & professional athletes
Plan, organize & conduct practices
Analyzes strengths & weaknesses of the athlete
Instruct on proper techniques, strategies, sportsmanship, & the rules of the sport
Irregular hours, worse than of the athlete
More than 50 hours per week
Travel frequently
Bachelor's degree required
Annual wage = $28,340
Thank You!
Triple Jump
Strives to achieve greatest distance in a series of 3 bounds
Bound off board with their lead leg onto their opposite leg & then into the pit
Hammer Throw
Robert Br
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