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The Gupta Empire

Page:213 in socail studies book

Kim May

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Gupta Empire

By: Kim May, & Harlee Magness Reunited Chandragupta Trade How trade was helpful. Cities grew up along the trade route.
People traveled along it.
Pilgrims often used the trade routes to travel to a religious shrine or site.
India was famous for there temples became wealthy from visiting pilgrims. For 500 years, India was not united.
Once again, small kingdoms fought
with another and made life miserable
for their subjects. Then, in A.D. 320,
one prince in the Ganges River valley
grew more powerful than others. The Gupta grew wealthy from trading salt,cloth,and iron. Indain merchants also traded with China and with kindooms in southeast Asia and the mediterranean. Gupta rulers controlled much of the trade.they also owned gold and silver mines & large estates. created jobs for people in India
People & cities grew prosperous Trade Routes The Gupta Empire Questions 1.How did the Gupta empire become wealthy? Choose to rule from the old capital of the Mauryan empire-Pataliputra. He founded the gupta dynasty. Guptas ruledfor about 200 years. Gupta rulers had one advantage overthe earlier Mauryan kings. The empire was smaller and easier to manage. 2.What made people and cities grow? Trade routes become in use. 3.What did the pilgrims use the trade route for? 4.what was the India cities famous?
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