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After the Flip - NCTIES

Flipping is all the rage in 21st century learning… but, what is the point? In this session, we will focus on using flipping (or “spinning”) to compact the curriculum in order to provide time for higher order thinking through technology

Laura Case Morgan

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of After the Flip - NCTIES


About Us
Laura Morgan
Civics teacher at SCHS in Winterville, NC
Mock Trial Coach
Follow me @MrsLauraMorgan!
Victoria Bridgers
Civics & AP Gov't teacher at SCHS in Winterville, NC
SGA Advisor
Follow me @vbridgers!
Flipping vs. Spinning
What's the point?
Managing Flips/Spins
How familiar are you with 'flipping' or 'spinning' in the classroom?? Text a code to 37607.
Love it! Code: 106410
Used it. Code: 278209
Heard of it. Code: 106428
What is that? Code: 106438

Why should you flip?
Focuses distracted students
Allows for individual attention to students
Consistency - all students learn same content
Parents can also watch it
Absent students have access to quality notes
Students can replay video to review, seek clarification
Students work at their own pace
Quicker delivery of teacher instruction
Allows time for formative assessments
Allows time for higher-level thinking activities
Promotes 21st century skills

Traditional projects - papers, posters
Create a website (Weebly, PBWorks)
Make their own flips/videos
CommonCraft / WeVideo.com
Google docs
IGNITE presentations
Google doc to write a response to something
PFL Project (using GoogleDocs)
Mock Congress
Mock Trial
Analyze primary source documents (letters, speeches, cartoons)

It’s helpful to have a class website/Edmodo to post links.
Insure students are on task by circulating & monitoring their devices.
For Flips: Have students complete a warm up/bell ringer to insure they watched the video and use it as a starting point to review if necessary.
For Spins: Students watch the video in class and complete an exit ticket before they leave to insure they understand the video.
Helpful tools:
Google docs
QR codes/shortenme.

1. Assessment
Warm Up
Individual discussion with each student
Google Form exit ticket
Summary of analysis & Conditional formatting
BlubbrTV / EduCanon
Socrative / Kahoot.it
MCScoring & its data (Spinning for read alouds)
Google Docs assignment (Goobric)
GroovyGrader App
Record (video/voice) exit ticket and send in form
3. Higher Level Thinking Activities
Give us feedback, please!

Any Questions?
morganL@pitt.k12.nc.us or @MrsLauraMorgan
bridgev@pitt.k12.nc.us or @vbridgers
Make it run smoothly...
Visible tweets
Google Docs
Peer editing essays
Amendment project
AP charts the entire class completes

2. Collaboration
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